Planning for the future

My throat is messed up. It feels swollen and sore and it's hard to swallow. It hurts to speak. I know it's not good to drink soda when you're sick, but I love the tingly feeling of my Diet Barqs rootbeer when it goes down my throat. It feels so much better than water.
I had an appointment with my adviser yesterday. We talked about graduation. When I looked at my schedule and started thinking about what I had left to take, I was thinking that I could be done by August '06. After we sat down and mapped everything out, I could be done with all my gen eds and all the classes for my major by then, but still not have enough total hours to graduate. So it looks like August '07 for me. However, this, again, begs the question, "When will Kyle and I get married?" We're still figuring things out. Still praying and seeking God's guidance.
Right now I'm starving and do not want dorm food! Tonight we're eating at The Great Impasta for our BASIC banquet. Tomorrow night, Kyle and I have a date. We're going to one of our very favorite restraunts, the Cracker Barrel. Good, home-style cookin'. Mmmmmm... Friday night is fried cod night there. Have you ever had their cod? It's quite amazing. Well, enough talk about lovely, non-dorm food.
One more week and I'm outta these dorms forever!
Later gators.

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