Blubity Blurp

I did my laundry yesterday! So what, right? Well, it had been a VERY long time since I the last time I did it. So it really is quite an accomplishment. I also, again, schooled Kyle at Scrabble. Friday night he beat me pretty bad at Disney trivia. For some reason, I lose every trivia game we ever play. He wins trivia, I win word games. If you knew us, you think it would be the other way around. He's "Mr.Grammar," and "Mr.I've read thousands of books." People keep telling him that he should be a writer. He would be quite good doing that.

Anyway, it was an okay day, and today I'm just going to be hanging around, studying and packing and such.

p.s. Don't watch Meet the Fockers with parents or children. Be especially sure not to watch it with your future in-laws!

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