You can pick our vacation destination!

We just don't know where we ought to go on our mini-vacation this summer. Since we are so indecisive, we're leaving it up to YOU, our faithful readers. We have narrowed it down to three destinations. Our options were limited, of course, by Kyle's crazy work schedule. It makes it very difficult to get away, but also makes it that much more important to get away.

Here's the rundown-
Option #1: Caverns, 'Coasters, & Cardinals
Meramec Caverns/ Six Flags, STL/ Cardinals Game

Option #2: Bluegrass, Birds, & Barbeque
International Bluegrass Museum/ John James Audobon State Park/ Moonlite Bar-B-Q

Option #3: Rights, Rumors, & Redbirds
National Civil Rights Museum/ Center for Southern Folklore/ Memphis Redbirds Game

You can vote from now until May 15. Thanks for your participation! Now pick out a good vacation for us, would you?


I don't think this is right.

This stupid Nutrigrain commercial has good intentions, but has a negative effect on me. Instead of causing me to want to make healthier decisions, I just see donuts, pizza, brownies, Chinese, and Starbucks and get hungry! Blast you, Nutrigrain!