Great is Thy Faithfulness

As Kyle held me and kissed me goodbye to leave for Jefferson City, MO to take the Bar exam, he expressed his love and gratitude for my support, helping him through law school, etc. I had to fight back tears, not because I was sad he was leaving for two days, but because I thought of just how faithful God has been to us in our marriage.

It has been almost seven years since we entered into this covenant. When we made our vows and walked down the aisle as one flesh to face the world, our futures were so unknown. Some people have big dreams and a vision for their lives. My only dreams involved Kyle, and what I hoped would be our future children. Truthfully, I didn't really care much about where we lived or what we did, he was my only dream. To this day, that is still the truth.

Sure, I have more clear ideas about our future now. I have more specific dreams about where we'll live and what we'll do, but ultimately, Kyle is still my dream. No matter where the Lord takes us, or what challenges we face, Kyle is still the one I want there by my side as we face them together.

We're once again heading into uncharted waters in our marriage. The last several years have been heading for this moment, getting through the Bar exam. We haven't really made many plans for what comes next.

Right now, all I can do is reflect on the last few years and think of how good God has been. How gracious. How faithful.  Not just in our circumstances, but in our minds and hearts. We feel blessed that He sustained us through so many trials, and feel so much more confident that He will continue to do so.

It is good to worship an unchanging God in our very changeable lives. He holds us together as one. He increases our love day after day, year after year.

As Kyle goes to face what may be two of the most mentally and emotionally grueling days of his life thus far, two lines from an old hymn come to mind.
Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow, blessings all mine with ten thousand bedside... All I hath needed, Thy hand hath provided. Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord unto me!
I love you, Kyle Bass! God is faithful. He made you and He sustains you. He will keep you in these next two days and forever. You are covered in love and prayer.

Bar Exam Eve

Greetings, friends! It's Bar Exam Eve, and I've come out of hibernation to ask for your prayers for Kyle. What I mean by that is that you will really pray, not send positive thoughts, not just say you're going to pray, not think about him for 10 seconds and then forget, but that you will commit to petition God and intercede on his behalf, for real. We are desperate for real intercession here.

In the 10 years I've been with Kyle, I can honestly say I've never seen him shaken by anything, not even three years of law school. He somehow always manages to take everything in stride, and approaches all of life with a peaceful, God-trusting attitude. But he. is. shaken. Doubting everything he knows, everything he has learned, his study skills, all his work not being enough, and generally fretful about anything that could go wrong. This is not the Kyle I have known, and the pressure he feels is something I can only kind-of relate to.

Please don't keep telling him, "I'm sure you'll pass!" As many previous bar-takers have told me, it isn't helpful. Please do pray. Please do remind Kyle that God is good, that he is not alone, and that you love him and believe in him.
If you'll commit to pray for him, really pray for him, let us know what day and time you'll really be praying. If you pick a time and comment what time you choose, I'll come back and put your name down. The test is two days long, so I'd love to see someone commit to praying for him every hour on those two days. Set yourself a reminder on your phone if you pick a time!

Tuesday, July 30th
8am: Ryan P., Patti F., Grandma and Grandpa L., Kevin L., Janet R.
9am: Ryan P., Deanna H.
10am: Ryan P., Stephanie C.
11am: Ryan P. Bobbie A.
12pm: Ryan P., Grandma and Grandpa L.
1pm: Ryan P., Luann B.
2pm: Ryan P., Annie R.
3pm: Ryan P., Amber F., Heather O.
4pm: Ryan P., Keith B., Grandma and Grandpa L., Kevin L., Stacy H.

Wednesday, July 31st
8am: Ryan P., Patti F., Grandma and Grandpa L., Kevin L., Janet R.
9am: Ryan P., Sherye S.
10am: Ryan P., Amy B.
11am: Ryan P., Christine D.
12pm: Ryan P., Grandma and Grandpa L.
1pm: Ryan P., Luann B.
2pm: Ryan P., Annie R.
3pm: Ryan P., Amber F., Heather O.
4pm: Ryan P., Grandma and Grandpa L., Kevin L.

Thanks for your prayers. Thanks for your words of encouragement. Thanks for your unconditional love.