Surprise Flowers

One day last week, Kyle and I stepped out on to our front porch early in the morning to find that we and all our neighbors has bouquets of flowers on our doorsteps.  We still have no idea who put them there or why they did it.



It wasn't May Day.  It wasn't the first day of Spring.  It wasn't any kind of special day that we could think of.  It was just a nice gesture, I guess!


Thanks for the flowers, whoever you are.


Wall Ball

Amidst the many, many things we did this weekend, Kyle and I went to the Wall Ball.  It was a fundraiser where dozens of local artists (and hundreds of onlookers) gathered and each created some form of artwork during the event.  They held a silent auction and donated the proceeds at the end of the night.  They had live DJs spinning, a huge bubble bus outside the building, drinks and appetizers, and more colorful people than there were pieces of art.  It was a pretty cool event and we really wished we could bid on some of the pieces.

One of my favorite parts of the event was this little photo booth where you could put on crazy props and make stupid faces and they take your picture and make you laugh.  If I had known about something like this when we got married, we totally would've had this at our wedding!

1246457616_wall ball 2011-017

In this picture, you can totally see us in the background.  It was at about that moment that I was nudging Kyle saying, "Look! I want to do that!"  It was free, so he obliged.

1246457406_wall ball 2011-016

And yes, those are my bare legs, not white tights, in case you were wondering.  What can I say?  I have a husband who's into skin so white it glows.


Mixer Winner.

No, I did not give away a mixer like PW always does, but I did choose a winner from amongst the many KitchenAid mixers I've been contemplating.  It only took me four months!  Dad gave me the cash at Christmas to pick the one I wanted.

I finally bit the bullet last week and got one.  It arrived in the mail yesterday.  It was a very, very happy day.


It has a 6qt bowl and several different attachments.  It's a dark gray/ pewter-ish color and I love it.

After I looked and looked at all the bright colors online and some in person, I finally decided to just get something more neutral that would keep me happy for the long run.  I was afraid that I'd be tired of one of those bright ones in just a couple years.  No matter my kitchen decor, this one will be A-okay.

I can't wait to do some mixin'!


Kyle's birthday, a recap.

The sun was shining warm and bright on Saturday morning as we slowly got up out of bed.  The kitchen window full of sunflowers set the tone for our day.


We got cleaned up and headed downtown to Rooster, a great little restaurant for a weekend brunch.  We both ate delicious meals and shared a crepe with nutella and strawberries.  I'd like more right now.



We then walked a few blocks over to the London Tea Room, one of Kyle's very favorite places in the city. We shared a pot of sencha green tea, which I turned out to dislike, but it was a lovely time anyway.



(At this point, Kyle was probably already tired of pictures.)

From there we made our way over to the stadium, but not without stopping for pictures along the way, of course.  Some with my phone.  Some with my dear Canon.



The game was a bummer.  The Cardinals lost by a 7 or 8 runs, I think.  I spent way more time people-watching, as usual.  It was fun just to be there on such a gorgeous day over opening weekend.



After the game, we walked down toward The Landing to eat sushi at The Drunken Fish.


I don't really like sushi, but Drunken Fish offers many alternatives.  I ordered a BLT roll (yes, that is what you think it is) and it was delicious!


We completed the day at our favorite place, The Gelateria.  Kyle and I had peach and chocolate gelato, respectively, then finally went back home to relax and watch Dr. Who.

It could not have been a better day!  We basically ate our way across downtown St. Louis, but hey, that's our favorite way to celebrate!


Kyle Bass #27

Today is Kyle's 27th birthday.  What a day it is!  God's glory and grace is so clearly demonstrated to me in Kyle every day.  I can't believe this is the 8th birthday I've spent with him, and I love looking back at how much he's grown into the amazing MAN he is today.

Kyle + Chelsea

(artwork courtesy of my sweet friend Amy Rose of Bunnies and Bows)

So far for his birthday, Kyle got the amazing drawing above and a bicycle from me, and some fat cash from family.

Today's festivities include: breakfast at the London Tea Room, tickets to the Cardinals game, and a sushi dinner at The Drunken Fish.  The only thing that could make this day more "Kyle" is if we watched LOTR or Dr. Who, which we just might do after sushi tonight.  What fun it will be!

I love you, Kyle Bass!