I'm curious...


On my living room floor right now...

- 3 ornaments Ellie pulled down off the bottom branches of the Christmas tree that I've yet to pick up.

- My December issue of Real Simple. This is a common occurrence.

- A pair of socks I unconsciously kicked off while taking a nap today.

- A pair of socks I unconsciously kicked off while taking a nap yesterday. Yes, I'm a habitual napper and sock-kicker-offer. Also, I pretty much do this every night. I wear socks to sleep and take them off in my sleep. Look under the covers of my bed on any given winter day and you'll likely find a couple pairs. Kyle finds this behavior rather strange.

- My copy of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. It's my new hilarious fiction read.

- A straw, foam ball, and mouse-shaped laser pointer. All of which are Ellie's toys.

-Moosletoe, the family Christmas moose, and a life-long friend.


Man, I'm such a good homemaker.

What's on your floor?


5 (of many) Reasons Why Infertility is Painful

1. We feel that bearing children is our right, as opposed to something that is an undeserved gift.

2. We are prideful, carnal beings, and we want to perpetuate our own flesh.

3. We have misconceptions about parenthood, and think that it will bring us ultimate satisfaction. Truthfully, parenthood, while joyful, is difficult and requires constant sacrifice. True satisfaction is only found in relationship with God.

4. We always use the term "blessing" when talking about children, and that is true and good. It would be easy, however, to focus on this as the singular greatest blessing, and to think that if you could not bear children, you are not blessed by God.

5. We have misconceptions on God's view of childbirth. It would be easy to look at the Bible and perceive that many were "redeemed" by giving birth to children, usually a son. Truthfully, we are only redeemed by the blood of Christ.


For Granny and Poppy

My Grandma and Grandpa Lockhart LOVE decorating for Christmas. Let me say that again. My Grandma and Grandpa Lockhart LOVE decorating for Christmas. Got it? Okay. Good.

Every year they turn their house into a winter wonderland with a hodgepodge of lights and trees (yes, plural) and many generations worth of decorations.

When Kyle and I first got married, Granny gave me an old wreath she had in her basement. I was thrilled to get it and I'm still using it, but I jazzed it up a bit. Remember that old wreath, Granny? This is its fourth Christmas on our door and it's still holding up.

Christmas Wreath '09

While we were home for Thanksgiving, Kyle and I were out with Poppy one afternoon and we found some beautiful winterberry and evergreen branches and decided to take some home and make an arrangement with them. Poppy also went and hunted down some pine cones in the neighbor's yard. I brought them home, stuck them down in the dirt of my flower pots, and this is what came out.

Christmas Pot

I'm in love with them. The berries are swell. I hope they last for a while.

Winterberry and Evergreen

Thanks, Granny and Poppy for making our Christmas season a little brighter!


O Christmas Tree, O Nine

When we got married, we were given a charming little (apartment-sized) Christmas tree. We were also both given our childhood ornaments by our families. We were also given about a bajillion "Our First Christmas" ornaments.

Sweet Li'l Tree

Please excuse our old wood paneling. It is not there by choice. Oh, the joys of renting...

Love Tree

There's a lot of "love" on our tree.

Inaugural Miners Ornament

There are also a lot of commemorative ornaments.

Ornery Kitty

There's also a sneaky, ornery, little beast who won't stop pulling down ornaments.

Oh, and a tree skirt that I feel captures the essence of me in some inexplicable way.

Christmas Pear

Given the eclectic nature of our ornament collection (and the decor of our home in general) I wanted a little tree bling that pulled it all together. I found some sparkly, colorful fruit that did just that.

None of it really matches, but somehow it all works. We dig it.