I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly
I'll do what it takes til' I touch the sky
I'll make a wish
Take a chance
Make a change
And breakaway
It's amazing how quickly God's word transforms our hearts and minds.  After a rough day yesterday, I was on the phone with Kyle's mom.  I told her about my day and she told me to just read through Phillipians 1.  I did and, man, God changed my heart instantly!  I am so thankful for that. 
I am also thankful for Kyle's mom.  It's nice to have a godly "mom"  and "dad."  Sometimes I think I make things with my own parents worse than they really are.  It's just that my parents aren't walking with Christ.  They've both been raised in church, but neither really knows God.  Kyle's mom and dad do. 
I am officially a Mary Kay consultant.  Woot!  If you're a girl and you're reading this, send me your email address (if I don't have it already) and I'll send you an invitation to get some free pampering! 
I get off early today at 10:45.  I plan on using the day for MK things. 
I haven't heard from some of you in quite a while.  Hope your summers are going great!


Mary Kay, continued

Mary Kay= something I really want to do.  However, I am terrified of doing it without the support and backing of Kyle and my family.  They think I will fail, or that it will cause more distractions from school.  Agreed, I don't need more distractions from my academic career.  However, I feel really motivated to do this.  I haven't had motivation to do anything constructive for so long, that this is really an exciting change of pace.  I want to do it, and I feel God pushing me to do it (which is what I asked Him to do if it was His will.) 
It scares me.  What if I don't sell enough?  What if no one wants to buy it?  What if my family gets mad at me for taking on something else?
But then I think, darnit, I'd be good at it.  And there are so many people I work with now who would love the opportunity to get a free facial.


Cheering Up

Thanks, everyone, for your prayers. 
I'm feeling a little down today.  Not really sure why.  Stress is mounting.  July is coming.  Then August.  Then Romania.  Then school again. 
Money.  Ugh.  I hate it. 
I want some Steak & Shake with a side of Kyle.  I miss him. 
I went to Big R today.  That definitely cheered me up.  For those of you not from the Springfield area, Big R is kind of like a cross between Home Depot and Farm & Fleet.  I love going in there.  They have everything and everyone who works there is so nice!  They helped me get some horse shampoo.  The store smells like yard fertilizer.  I love it! 
York Peppermint Patties make me happy. 


Grandpa had a heart attack.

My grandpa had a heart attack yesterday and two stents put in his heart.  He is doing okay now.  Back home already. 
No one could have seen it coming.  He's in better shape than most people I know.  Every other day, he switches from walking three miles to riding his bike for twenty miles.  He eats perfectly.  All of this happened because of bad genes.  It's nuts. 
God is in control.  Everything is fine.


Happy Saturday

Garage sales= total chaos and madness!  These people are NUTS!  Today our neighborhood is having it's "Spring" garage sales.  People were waiting outside our garage door at 6:30am.  Kind of scary to open up your door and find strangers standing outside of it.  By the time I left for work at 8:45, people were swarming.  The streets were lined with cars on both sides.  INSANE!
Babysitting was rather interesting last night.  These kids were pretty much angels until bed time.  As soon as the words, "Time to get your jammies on" left my mouth, you would have thought that they were instantly possesed by demons.  The two year old boy was the worst.  He didn't want to take his clothes off.  Once he finally did, he didn't want to put his "jammies" on.  Now he didn't just kick and scream like a normal two year old.  Oh, no.  This little man also decided in his retaliation to pee all over everything.  All over his bed, his blankets, his wall, and his much hated jammies.  Finally, I cleaned him up, he gave in and put on some pajamas, and he cried himself to sleep.  Sounds sad, but I couldn't continue to coddle him.  Anyway, it worked out ok.  They were both asleep by 9:30 and the parents didn't get home until about midnight. 
I have no plans for today.  It's so nice.  I wanted to go out to the lake, but there's no one to go with  
Don't forget Father's Day tomorrow!  Later gators!


Oprah taught me.

I had a wonderful time in Anna this weekend.  I just got back to Springfield last night.  Kyle's family is awesome.  We had a lot of fun!  I got spoiled being with Kyle all day, every day.  Now I won't see him for a while and that is stinky. 
I'm still praying over the Mary Kay thing.  As I was praying last night, God told me that He wasn't ready to reveal to me what I'm supposed to do.  He said, "Keep praying, Chelsea.  You'll know soon."  After a great prayer time in my car on the way home, I arrived safely at Shadowchaser Drive.  Isn't that a cool street name?
I haven't really had many doubts about Romania.  I've remained fairly constant about God's plan for me there.  It was confirmed even further to me last night when I was watching Oprah.  It was an episode about children across the world who have lost their childhoods.  They talked about children forced into slavery, serving in rebel forces in Africa, and child pornography and prostitution.  The whole last twenty minutes of the show was about teens in Romania.  They talked about what a poor and desparate country it is and how it has some of the highest percentages of children in prostitution.  Parents hand their children over to pimps.  The pimps send the young teens out into tourist-populated cities across Europe.  In one situation they caught on film a father who personally took his fifteen year old son to Milan in Italy and was trying to sell him for the night.  The journalist bought the boy for an hour just so he could interview him.  The authorities know this is happening but are doing nothing!  Anyway, there are millions of young people from Romania being forced into these situations every day!  When we are in Romania, our biggest task will be outreach to the youth in the area we are staying!  How awesome is that?  God was showing me what the situation is like to encourage me and confirm that He has a plan for me there.  I'm so excited!  I'm sad and burdened for the situation over there, but I know I can be used.  Make me Your clay, God.  Use me and mold me!



I worked downtown yesterday.  If you don't know, working downtown is a big deal.  That branch is where all the big shots are who can make you or break you.  They made me.  They called my supervisor.  They want me to come back and work with them for the rest of the summer.  It was awesome.  I'm not sure what will happen.  My supervisor doesn't want to part with me on the teller line.  I will probably be half and half- "Teller/ Personal Assistant to the Senior Vice President of Human Resources."  Doesn't that sound important?  Anyway, I feel very blessed to get this opportunity.  It's like a mini-intership. 
Tomorrow morning, Kyle and I are going to check out a reception site.  I can't wait! 
Well, I just can't resist these things... They're fun, and I'm bored. 
What is your...
Name: Chelsea
Birthday: Feb 8
Age: 20
Height:  5'3''
Shoe Size: 7ish
Hair Color: brownish
Hair Style: depends on the day.  it's naturally very straight.
City of Birth: Springfield, IL
School: University of Illinois
Job: Random things at a bank at home, desk clerk at school
Bedtime: After Oprah is over and I talk to Kyle, it's usually between 11:30pm-12am
Which one...
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate!  (You can't tell but I just said that with my favorite Spanish accent.
Pie or Cake: Brownies
Coke or Diet Coke: Diet Coke
Fluffy Pillow or Flat Pillow: 12 Fluffy pillows!
Apple or PC: If I had the cash, I'd probably spring for the Apple iBook, but my little PC laptop works just fine for now.
Popcorn or Candy at the movies:  M&M's in my popcorn.  Nice combo of sweet and salty.  Thanks, Emma!
Christmas or Your Birthday: Christmas
Flip-flops or Sneakers: Flip Flops
December or July: July
Pop or Punk: Both
Elevators or Escalators: Escalators... they're more exotic!
Movies at Home or in the Theater: Depends on my mood and how much money I have at the time. 
English or Math: English
Coffee or Hot Cocoa:  3 parts Cocoa, 1 part Coffee... my own little latte.
If you HAD to choose...
The flu or a cold: Cold.  Who in the world chooses flu?
Piercings all over your face or tattoos all over your body:  I guess tatoos.  You can hide those. 
Failing a class or getting suspended: Getting suspended.
Having to sit in a tub of spiders or having to eat a bowl of spiders: If they're dead, I'd rather eat them.  If not, then... I guess I'd still rather eat them.
Eating a grey super-moldy peach or drinking a glass of very spoiled milk: I'll take the peach.
Have you ever...
Been stood up:  Yes.
Had your wisdom teeth removed: Yes, and I looked like a chipmunk for a week!
Played in a band: Several
Seen a UFO: An Unidentified Fruitcake Operator? Yes, sir!
Pulled an all-nighter: Yes. 
Been drunk:  In another lifetime
Been high: In an even more distant lifetime...
Been given a speeding ticket: Once
Eaten octopus or squid: Yes, they were greasy.
Seen a Broadway show: I was SO CLOSE!  I was on Broadway!  :(
Gone surfing: No, I'm afraid of deep water...
Gone snowboarding: No
Kissed someone on a first date: Yes
Been in a castle: Does Jumer's count?
Cross-dressed: Hehehe
Been in a car accident: Yes
Had an eating disorder: WAY too personal!
How many...
Piercings do you have: Just my ears.
Tattoos do you have: Ew.  Tatoos are trashy!
Pets do you have: None
Siblings do you have: Four step siblings, and two future brothers in law.
Rings are you wearing: 2
People have you dated: Don't make me answer that.
What is your favorite...
Color: Red is fun, black is slimming.
Cereal: Cheerios!
Pajamas: The Illini shorts I stole from Kyle and a t-shirt.
Disney cartoon movie: Beauty and the Beast
Disneyland ride: It's a Small World... fun and creepy at the same time!
Soda: IBC Rootbeer or rootbeer from Lambert's
Video game system: I HATE videogames!
Way to spend a Saturday: Anything with Kyle.
Class: I don't really like class.  I suppose Theater 199 was fun... for a class.
Ice Cream Flavor: Ben and Jerry's "The Last Straw" or "Half Baked"
What if...
...you could go on a vacation anywhere, where would it be: A long tour of Europe or back to NYC!
you won the lottery, what would you buy : The Cardinals, so Kyle could work have his dream job.
you could change your eye color, what color: I'd take Kyle's color, though it does not have a name.
you could magically be somewhere else right now, where:  Shampoo-Banana!

...you could magically make anybody appear next to you right now, who:  Do I really need to answer that?
you could be a superstar at one sport, which one: I guess volleyball, maybe swimming. 
About your personality...
Are you shy or outgoing: I'm so bashful!  hahahahahahahaha
Do you laugh a lot: Hahahahahahahaha
Do you get easily annoyed: Yes, sometimes
Do you complain a lot: I try not to. 
Do you have a few close friends or lots or casual friends: Quite a few close friends (I have SIX bridesmaids if that tells you anything!) and many casual ones.
Are you romantic: Very
Do you cry over people a lot: Not really, I usually cry out of frustration.
Do you cry in movies: Sometimes
Do you raise your hand in class a lot: Not really.
Do you enjoy alone time: At home, YES!  At school, I'd rather be in the company of my friends. 
Do you enjoy loud crowded parties: You betcha.
Do you prefer double dates or just you and your date: Just Kyle and I
In the last week, have you:
Eaten pizza: Yes
Eaten sushi: Never again!
Made out: Nope. 
Thrown up: Nope.
Gone hot tubbing: Nope.
Gone shopping for clothes:
Taken a big test: No!  Praise God!
Gone to a doctor: Nope.
Seen a movie: Yes.
Random questions...
What were you last Halloween: I made my own crocidile costume and Kyle was the Crocodile Hunter
What are you doing this weekend: Going to Southern IL.
What is your screen name: chelsea2885
What was the last thing you ate: A York Peppermint Patty
Did you ever play with Barbies or Ninja Turtles: I didn't play.  I accessorized.
Can you drive better than everyone else on the road: Most of the time.
Do you like to watch really scary movies: Once in a while.
How do you typically spend the 4th of July: At BJ's.  Chillin with my old school homies. 
Who did you/would have if you could, vote for: Bush or Kerry: FOUR MORE YEARS!
Do you have braces? Nope.
How old were you/are you/do you want to be, when you get married? 21 sounds good. 
What are summers for? Relaxation.
How do you feel about school? It would be great without all those classes!
How tan are you? Let's just say I wear the lightest foundation Mary Kay offers!
Do you like thrill rides: Who doesn't?
If your birthday was next week, what would you ask for? A personal trainer
Do you like candles? Mucho!
Do you like really sour candy? Not really.
Which is better, a snowstorm or a thunderstorm? Thunderstorm
If you could be an animal for a day, what would it be? An Eagle
Did you like this Survey? Sure.  I like surveys in general. 


Random Things

Once a week the man from Brinks comes to every branch to bring us more money.  You know, those guys in the armored trucks with guns and holes in the side of the truck to shoot you if they think you're trying to rob them.  They come into the bank and it's a big event.  "The Brinks man is here!"  Like a kid getting excited for the ice cream truck, we nerdy tellers get excited for rolled coin and crisp bills. 
Heat.  It's growing on me.  I've certainly reached the point that I'll take hot over cold.  The sign across the street at Culver's keeps flashing 91 degrees.  It's not even noon yet. Wear sunscreen today kiddies.  It's a hot one out there.

An afternoon thought:
Coldplay is most delicious.  Have you ever been so connected with music that it awakes other senses than just your hearing?  Andrew Lloyd Weber knows what I'm talking about; just listen to his lyrics in "Music of the Night." Sometimes, when music is really brilliant, I can feel it, smell it, taste it.  My heart pounds and my chest sinks into my back.  Coldplay, Eisley, Norah Jones, and Mae are a few bands who really do that to me.  Beethoven also makes me feel that way.  Ooo, and a song by the Smashing Pumpkins called, "By Starlight."  Maybe I'm crazy or I like music way too much. 

A later afternoon thought (the bank is REALLY slow today):
Saw this on one of my favorite blogs "middleageguy"  I've definitely got hitnosis.  Sometimes I am a blurker and a kittyblogger. 
Blawg - A blog primarily focusing on law.
Bleg - Blogs who's primarily purpose is to beg for something.
Blog Mute - Someone who only occasionally blogs.
Blogopotamus - Long, long, blogs.
Blurker - A person who only reads but never comments.
Hitnosis - Being unable to stop yourself from constantly refreshing your browser to see if your hit count or comments have increased in the last minute or so.
Kittyblogger - Technically, a blog about cats, but also an unflattering term for bloggers who write about mundane subjects. ("Today, I fed the hamster and then ate toast and watched the Today Show and then.....")
Dooced  - A person who looses their job because of blogging is said to have been "Dooced".  Named for Heather Armstrong who lost her job because her web site (dooce.com) included negative stuff about her employer.


Music and Excitement

And I am speechless
I’m astonished and amazed
I am silenced by Your wondrous grace
You have saved me
You have raised me from the grave
And I am speechless in Your presence now
I’m astounded as I consider how
You have shown us
A love that leaves us speechless

Praise God! Sometimes when I really sit and start thinking about Romania, I get SO EXCITED! All this money is invested, and now I feel like I'm really going!

On a side note- People can say whatever they want about Steven Curtis Chapman. He is a brilliant writer. Even if you do not enjoy his music, you should be able to appreciate the art and beauty in his lyrics. Typically, when it comes to that kind of music, I'm unimpressed. However, SCC is the man.
p.s.  Did I mention that on the way back from Romania we will have a 12 hour layover in PARIS?!  YAHOO for site-seeing!


Mary Kay

I'm considering a career in Mary Kay.  It's scary thinking of starting my own business.  I kind of feel like my family thinks I will fail.  Please pray that God will make His will very clear to me in this matter.