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1. When I get my mind set on something I really want, I tend to fixate and become a little obsessive. My current obsession= reading the Twilight Saga. Don't judge me.

2. I unconsciously rub my feet together when I'm relaxed. It's like my version of purring.

3. If I fall asleep on the couch before bed, I will wake up very grouchy with Kyle. He takes it in stride. He thinks that I confuse my dreams with reality and that's why I wake up angry.

4. I'm probably the pickiest eater you've ever met. Pickier than your 5 year old brother.

5. I make up songs to the tune of other songs. Usually I change them to be about Kyle. It usually gets a laugh or a "You're so silly."

6. I go ridiculously gaga over my husband sometimes. We were out somewhere last week and I just began to giggle. I couldn't help it. He looked so good.


Current Reading List

Spiritual growth, just for fun, mental heavy lifting, and professional development... I've got it all on my list right now!

p.s. This does not include the many, many blogs I read on a daily basis or the podcasts I listen to several times a week.


Now that's what I call fungus.

While mowing the yard today, I came across some very interesting fungi. The most amazing thing is that it sprouted up in just 6 days. Last week I saw more variety, but how could it compare to this? I'm not sure that I've ever seen anything quite like it. I could not bear to mow over it. Is it me or is it almost pretty?

I also almost bumped in to this big fella. Needless to say, he frightened me! You may not be able to tell from the picture, but he's almost as big as my hand!

I am no friend of spiders, and they're no friends of mine. Please spare me the argument that spiders eat bad insects and things like that. I think I might ask God why he couldn't have just made a nicer looking creature to do the same thing. I am confident there's a very good reason.


Soundtrack for Life

I'm pretty nerdy. When I walk down the street with my iPod, the music almost seems to course through me sometimes. There are some songs that just seem to match the way my life feels at that moment. It's not necessarily the words that express my mood, but the sound. Does that make sense? The last couple weeks have been fairly melancholy. These are a few songs that fit my particular mood of late.

What songs might express the spirit of your life lately?


Take Me Out

To the Cards/Cubs game...
Kyle's boss called yesterday and offered us free tickets to the game. We were supposed to go on Tuesday night with my Dad and Stepmom, but because of the Miners' playoff game, we were unable to attend. This worked out very well for us, though. Kyle's brother Keith and our friend Micah drove from Champaign and joined us.


It was a fun night. Unfortunately, the Cards lost 4-3. If we had gone Tuesday we would have seen a W. We also sat around some really interesting people who brought their own booze with them. It was interesting.


Systems of Organization

I'm not a naturally organized person. While I do have some symptoms of a Type A personality (impatient, outspoken, semi-competitive, covertly insecure) I tend to be more Type B in other ways (forgetful, procrastinatory, undisciplined, disorderly).

Learning is dependent on one's ability to organize concepts and tie them together. In my head, I understand this. If only I could get this discipline to spill into my personal life.

Our checkbook is a mess, things are constantly strewn about the house. Dirty dishes seem to pile up for days. The bed only gets made for company. My unfinished craft projects are everywhere. Cookies and pizza are chosen over vegetables and chicken. Sleep takes precedence over exercise. The Bible takes a back seat to Facebook.

How is it possible to be so undisciplined in so many areas? Some days I think, "Will I ever change?"

I often think about organizing my life to be more efficient. God is a God of order, no? It would only make sense that the life of a Christian would reflect this. Order brings a sense of peace. There are plenty of people around me who seem to "have it all together." Why can I not just bootstrap it, buckle down, bite the bullet, and get 'er done?

There are some systems already in place. Books are alphabetical by author, music by artist, and movies by title. Kyle keeps his closet organized by type of clothing. Polos, button-downs, sweaters, sweatshirts, jeans, dress pants are all in order. My closet is organized by color (though I'm thinking of switching to Kyle's system). Purses, hats, and scarves are tricky. Of course, this only addresses visible order.

There are so many things in my life that need reorganized on the inside. Only God can do this. I used to be hopeless, knowing that I didn't have it in me to change. Now I understand. I was hoping in my own abilities to change, the abilities I knew I lacked. I now praise God that I'm not capable of doing any good on my own. He shows himself to be all the more glorious, mighty, and powerful.

I began this semester with the knowledge that I had no strength left. I have been a college student for a long time. I have been terribly fickle and indecisive about what I want to do. I prayed fervently that God would give me strength and change my weary heart. He's been teaching me to think really hard on how I organize information. My notes are very orderly. Everything has its place in my binder. God has blessed me with more discipline, diligence, and motivation than ever before.

I had prayed for this in the past, but perhaps not with such an overwhelming knowledge of the weight of what God had to do, what I could not. Seeing his strength in my weakness is a beautiful thing. It is a glimmer of hope, a reminder that God is capable to change me in other ways too...


Saluki Friends

Last night we went to the first home football game for SIU. It was alright, but a little lackluster after years of grandiose Illinois football games. Mostly, I just enjoyed being with my husband and friends! I am blessed to have both.

John, Emily, Ashley, Drew, and Brad are ready to cheer the team on to victory.
Jason pretty much took pictures and talked to Kyle all night. They had fun.
Cathy and Kelly Beth got a little crazy barking like dogs when we scored.
The Marching Salukis had a short field show. They mostly faced the other direction (not the student side) so we couldn't really hear them.

I had a seat next to the best looking guy in McAndrew Stadium!


He loves me.

Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her to make her holy, cleansing her by the washing with water through the word, and to present her to himself as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless. In this same way, husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself. After all, no one ever hated his own body, but he feeds and cares for it, just as Christ does the church— for we are members of his body. "For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh." This is a profound mystery—but I am talking about Christ and the church. However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.
Ephesians 5:25-33
I have always found that in sickness, we have a great opportunity to demonstrate our love for one another. The last couple days have provided many opportunities for my husband, friends, and family. Thank you all for your prayers and offers to help. Had my husband been unable, I would have gladly accepted your offers. By God's grace, he was able to be here and make sure all my needs were met.

As I not-so-delicately put it to one friend, it was a "don't-drink-the-Mexican-water" kind of sick. Let me just say, friends, that I have drunk the Mexican water, laid alone and sick on the dirty, cockroach-infested floor of a Mexican hotel bathroom for two days, and this one still wins. Need I say more? I think not.

In praise of my glorious father, I express my deepest gratitude to Him for Kyle. When this all began at a painful 4am yesterday, his feet quickly hit the floor to aid me. He went to work for a few hours out of sheer necessity, then came home early and did not leave my side. He prayed for me and took care of my every need. Even last night, when I could not seem to find comfort in our bed, I moved to the couch and he decided to sleep on the floor next to me so I wouldn't be alone, or so he would be there if I needed anything.

I cannot express my joy and gratitude for having such a husband! This is a grace given to me by God that I utterly do not deserve.


50 Important Questions for Defining Biblical Gender Roles

This is a very extensive and very instructive article from John Piper and Wayne Grudem. It makes for good discussion in my head.
Foundations for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood



Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety nine percent perspiration.
- Thomas Edison
While old Tommy might be right, I've found that the perspiration never happens if real inspiration is absent.