Three months.

Margot is three months old. I just can't believe it.  Now, she seems such a permanent fixture of our lives. It's as if she's always been part of our family, and yet we've only just begun to learn to love her.
She giggles and wiggles. She fusses and pouts. She increasingly demands our attention.  She LOVES to be talked to, played with, and walked around. She knows her mommy. She knows her daddy.
Her two favorites places (other than mommy's arms) are her changing table and her swing. She loves to grab at things, especially if she can twist her little fingers around it, like mommy's hair, OUCH! Haha.
She got to celebrate her first Easter with daddy, mommy, and Grandpa TJ. Her basket was full of colorful eggs, books, teether toys, and a new Bumbo seat. She is not sure what to think of the seat as it requires a bit of a workout to hold herself up. 
All in all, she's pretty spectacular. 
Every week feels so busy and goes so quickly.  We keep feeling like we are just barely keeping our heads above water between our jobs, law school, church life, trying to keep a household running, and getting as much quality time with Margot as we can.  I hope it doesn't always feel this way. I hate that feeling of "just getting by." I hope once law school is out of that equation, things might ease up just a bit. Even if they don't, however, we are completely grateful for the grace God has given us to get through, particularly with my return to work full-time this past month.  It has not been easy, but He has provided us with enough energy, patience, and strength to get through, and given us so much love and joy for each other!