Today I was reading an article about Vietnam. Today marks the end of the war and the fall of the South. They were celebrating in the streets by waving their red communist flags. How sad. These people are so passionate about their political beliefs, yet burn books that express passion for one another, anything with the mention of love... How sad.
What would Jesus do there? No. What will He do there? Lord, how will you move in these nations that so desparately need your love and healing? Here am I, send me, Lord. Make my life useful to Thee.


Bonjour, Y'all!

I heard that on an ABC Family movie and I've been wanting to say it ever since... haha.

Last night Jim talked about the importance of Christians have a fellowship to plug into. Man, is he right! We need to be able to meet with each other, share with each other, and most importantly, pray for each other. I love all my BCM buddies!

I also love that we have cool ways to share with each other like blogging. How awesome is that?

Well, that's just my thought for the day. Have a good one!



I'm such a procrastinator sometimes. I always wonder if or when I'll ever get out of that habit. I haven't seen too many adults who have a hard time with procrastination. At least, I don't know any who admit to it, so maybe it's something that comes with age? I hope so.

Yesterday was not very constructive for me. I had to go and observe a dance class before my regular 2 o'clock speech comm class. By the time I got done observing and came back to the room, I was running pretty late. Since I still had one allowed absence left for that class, I decided to use it. I couldn't have rushed there if I wanted to.

Did I mention how sore I was yesterday? I overdid myself on Monday and Tuesday with the workouts. Walking was even tough. However, I am feeling much better today and am looking forward to my workout tonight. I think I'll go to CRCE after BASIC! Who's with me?!


Answered Prayers

Well, as predicted, I'm pretty sore today, but I've been worse. Really, it's a good sore... if that makes sense.
So today I have some answered prayers. First of all, some of you may or may not know that I've been having some fairly serious problems with my colon. It runs in my family... Anyway, I went to the doctor today and they ruled out anything too terrible. What I have can be helped, but it's going to take some hard work. The easiest task, I have to start drinking two to three liters of water a day! That's a lot of water!
In addition, my condition will be eased if I get in shape and lose some weight. This is something that, if you've been reading my blog, you know I want to do anyway. Now I have more motivation. It's funny, I asked God to give me motivation to get in shape, but I did not expect it to come in the form of a health problem... hehehe

Well, I suppose I'll be off now. There is much to be done. Thanks for caring about what's going on in my life!


Work it!

I'm sooo pooped. I should totally be working on my paper right now, but I just can't. I worked out really hard today. I even lifted weights. I can just tell that everything will be sore tomorrow. And although I will whine about it hurting, it really will feel good. I haven't lifted weights that hard since high school. Also, it just felt good to be at CRCE (that's Campus Recreation Center East for you non-U of Iers) among my peers; all of us there trying to do something good for our bodies. There is much to be said for working out the mind, body, and spirit. In fact, I think I've come to the realization that if you aren't working out all three, you're definitely missing something. Don't worry, I struggle with it too. Most of all the body... but it sure feels good to be tired from hard work!
I'm putting off my paper for tomorrow. Sweet dreams!


Kim Possible, here I come!

Right now I really feel like watching Kim Possible, but it doesn't come on until 10am, so I'm gonna let you know what's going on with me!
VERY exciting news. I might be able to graduate as early as August 06! Isn't that great?! That's a whole year early! Yahoo! Pray that everything works out for that. I'm talking to my advisor about it this week.
Also, I might be spending the summer over here. Taking class at home at Lincoln Land Community College would be a waste of my time. There's only one class that I could take that would transfer. If I stay here and take class, I can knock out three gen-eds. Several of my friends have offered to have me stay with them, which would be a real blessing! Plus, my life is here now. My Church, friends, Kyle... they'll all be right here. I miss my family, but I can visit them. So things are looking good right now.
Keep praying for that and for Romania, that God will open doors in ways no one could have ever imagined!
Almost Kim Possible time! (Yes, I still watch cartoons... hahaha)
Have a beautiful day!



Ok... so I'm finally writing again! I went through a brief stage that I just didn't feel like writing, but now I'm into it again!
It's going to be such a great day! It's beautiful. I wanna go get some sun, however, I fear a good sunburn. I'm sooo fair-skinned. This morning I've enjoyed watching videos on VH1. They rarely show actual videos. It's fun!
I really want to go swimming. I wish the CRCE pool would open up. It's been closed for maintenance for about a week.
Thought for the day...
Why is it that after fighting with passion, we can make up with passion? It seems like the highest, most emotionally passionate times in relationships come after the lowest. Is it that we can greater appreciate having that person in our lives? Is it that we're trying to make up for the bad stuff? Are we being extra sweet to make up for all the spiteful things we said? The answer is probably YES to all of those things.
The real question, however, is how to keep that sweetness all the time!


Curve ball

Tonight I had a curve ball thrown at me.

If you're reading this you probably know I've been planning on going on a mission trip to Romania this summer. Well, I've been praying very specifically that God will provide the finances for that trip because it's not cheap. One of the ways that I thought He was doing that was that I had an unexpected amount of financial aid this semester. I came up owing only a third of the usual amount, so my parents and I were praising God for that.

Today, my mom got a letter saying that they made a mistake and now we actually owe a very large sum of money to the university. My mom's not so happy about this. Now, all the money they'd been saving for my wedding, helping out with my trip, and next semester's tuition is going out the window. And they want me to use the money I make this summer (that I was planning on saving for my mission trip and wedding) to pay them back on this loan.

It's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel right now. I am starting to doubt everything about everything. I know that God is sovereign. I know He's taking care of me, but this is a very serious obstacle and feels more like a stop sign right now. Please pray for me.


Go Illini!

I'm useless today. Too nice. Can't focus. All I see is orange and blue. I can't even focus long enough to