So proud of BKB

This is my handsome stud of a man.  He is two weeks into what is/will be the hardest semester of his law school career, taking six classes including Moot Court (if you don't know what this is, just be impressed).  He is handling it like a total champ.

He gets up at 5-6am each day to do an insanely hard workout (P90X).  Then he spends time reading his Bible, packing a lunch, and getting ready for the day.  He loads up his bag with 35lbs worth of law books and heads off to class.  Some days he is on campus from 9am-8pm, other days he drives up to Alton, IL to go to work when classes are done.  Most nights he gets home around 6-7, eats dinner, talks to me, and plays with Watson.  Usually around 8pm, he heads back to the office and hits the books until around midnight.  He gets up the next morning and does it all over again.  He spends his weekends getting ahead on more classwork, loving on his wife and puppy, and worshiping Jesus in our gospel community and with our church.
Hot man in the city

I am insanely proud of him, unspeakably grateful for him, and unbelievably in love with him.  I just want the world to know the kind of hard-working, Jesus-loving man he is.  It is so sweet to be loved by such a man.



Today was my first day of my internship at a primary school.  I had a great first day, and was intrigued by something on the wall of the speech therapy room.  It read,

THINK before you speak.... 
T: Is it true?
H: Is it helpful?
I: Is it inspiring?
N: Is it necessary?
K: Is it kind?

I absolutely loved this poster and could learn a great deal from it.  Gossip is a particular struggle I have at times, and working in an environment where most of my peers are beautiful, brilliant (and often child-bearing) women means that there's also jealousy, which means that snarky things fly out of my mouth, followed by pangs of guilt.

This weekend, one of our pastor's preached a message on godly womanhood.  I was so challenged, and today's little poster drove it home.  I am so sorry for some of the things I've said and thoughts I've had that were either untrue, unhelpful, uninspiring, unnecessary, or unkind.  I am sorry to those who've heard me say such things, because that was the opposite of showing the love of Christ, and does not make him look glorious, but he is.  He is infinitely worthy of glory and honor, and able to give me the power to tame my tongue and remove bitterness and jealousy from my heart.

I'm sure we all struggle with gossip, bitterness, and jealousy at different points in our lives.  The season I am in seems to be filled with loads of all three. I am so thankful for God's grace to me now, and I am thankful to be surrounded by men and women who challenge me to be more like Jesus.