A picture worth at least a few words

I think Ellie gives a pretty accurate portrayal of the way I currently feel about school.

I Can Haz Degree Now?


20 Words My Spellchecker Doesn't Like

  1. Pinna
  2. Concha
  3. Intertragal
  4. Cerumen
  5. Osseocartilaginous
  6. Temporomandibular
  7. Otalgia
  8. Epitympanic
  9. Myringoincudostapediapexy
  10. Contralateral
  11. Nasopharynx
  12. Propriceptive
  13. Electronystagmography
  14. Otoconia
  15. Scala vestibuli
  16. Tectorial
  17. Tonotopic
  18. Stereocilia
  19. Innervation
  20. Otoacoustic
I like them, though. What professional jargon do you like?


I think you should know...

If you should ever decide to take up knitting, you should know that these needles (and other Clover Takumi brand needles) are the only ones I'll use. They feel so good in my hands. They're made of bamboo, not aluminum (I despise aluminum needles). They're extremely smooth, but not slick, so your yarn stays in place. They're not very expensive, maybe just a couple dollars more than the dreaded aluminum needles. *Shiver* Should you choose to purchase them, you won't be sorry.

This has been a public servance announcement brought to you by your friendly neighborhood knitting watch lady. Have a nice day.


Anger and Forgiveness

Each of us carries around more anger and frustration in our lives than we even know. When I start thinking about all the things that upset me, I get overwhelmed. Let's face it, we all have our reasons for feeling justified in our anger. Lately I've been trying to remember that everyone I see is carrying a burden of pain, hurt, and regret that is unique to their own life and experience. Our personal ghosts may come in many forms, but we all have them.

This has been a theme in my life recently. I see anger in myself and in the lives of many others around me. We're angry at God for the way he's made us. We're angry with our life circumstances and we're tired of dealing with it. We're angry with our brothers and sisters for mistreating us, for ignoring our hurts.

Perhaps someone truly has wronged you. Perhaps your circumstances truly aren't what the world would call "ideal." Maybe you truly are justified in your anger... or are you?

We must turn to Jesus in answer of this question. He was scorned by man, by us, more than we can probably imagine. Betrayed, beaten, abandoned by those who claimed to love him. He knew we would do it. He even warned us we would do it. Yet... he still shed his blood on our behalf. He still called us "Brothers." God made a covenant with us, that we would be his sons. We would act against it again and again, many times without even realizing it, but God would keep it despite our unfaithfulness.

It wasn't because we deserved it. It wasn't even because of our repentance or our commitment to preach the Gospel, or keep his word. He chose to set his affections on us because of who he is, not because we were really great people.

Maybe you've also entered into a covenant with a spouse, or a church. At one time, they claimed to love you, and they may be the ones who have hurt you most.

We must choose to forgive others because of who he is. They may never ask for it. They may always feel that they were perfectly right in their actions or hurtful words. But if we are generous with anything we've been given by God, it must be forgiveness. Pray diligently for their repentance, and strive to be reconciled with them, but do not let forgiveness depend on their actions. You cannot control that and it will only cause your heart to be burdened longer. Do not deny the peace of Christ by harboring anger in your heart.
"Put on then, as God's chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience, bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive." Colossians 3:12-13
Keep the cross before you. Know that Christ's work was finished, that your sins were forgiven, that you received grace and mercy, that your ability to forgive rested on the shoulders of the man hanging on the tree. It remains there, still.

Christian, the Holy Spirit has equipped you with the ability to forgive. You cannot do it by your own strength. You must have faith that God can change your heart. Even if your anger is pointed directly at him, you must trust that he will replace it with joy.
"You have turned for me my mourning into dancing;
you have loosed my sackcloth
and clothed me with gladness,
that my glory may sing your praise and not be silent.
O Lord my God, I will give thanks to you forever!"
Psalm 30:11-12


On my living room floor right now...

- No fewer than seven pillows. We love our pillows in this house.

-My October issue of Real Simple. My monthly Real Simple, ASHA Leader, and Anthropologie catalog always manage to come on the same day. This is a very good day in my house.

-A pie plate that was, quite literally, licked clean before 10am.

-A stack of mail that Ellie knocked off the counter in a state of play.

-The water squirt bottle I use to squirt Ellie when she does things like knock mail off the counter in a state of play.

-No fewer than seven pairs of shoes. Seriously, how do they accumulate so quickly?

-My copy of "Adopted for Life," which is changing my life.

I suppose I should go tidy up a bit. What's on your floor?


Special Delivery

On a whim, I decided to make pies and deliver them to unsuspecting friends. It was fun. There were a few small "cup pies," perfect for one, four little "lover pies," perfect for two, and one "big happy family pie," perfect for one big happy family.


The only thing that would have been more fun than seeing people smile when they opened the door, would have been seeing them smile as they (hopefully) enjoyed their pie.


The Peters children exclaimed, "We love cherry!"


What a fun, blessed night.


A Week of Re-Caps

Last weekend I... walked to defeat ALS

went to a friend's birthday party...

held baby Jonas...

and snapped a picture of Ellie sleeping on top of the closet door.

This weekend I... made a delicious chicken pot pie...

baked an apple cake in a skillet with Yvonne...

went to an antique store where I fell in love with some old books...

and went to the Apple Festival where I made a little friend.

I have so many things overflowing from my heart this week, but I'm just not able to clearly verbalize them at this time. So all I can say is that this is what I did, and I'm still here by the grace of God.


Sweet for Certain

This time of year is filled with so many good things.

Like cheerful mums beginning to bloom that surprised you and survived from last year.

Like cacti in a sunny pot sitting next to the mums that came back from last year.

Like your husband and your cat doing things that make you laugh hysterically but no one else would think was funny.

Like the opening in the woods behind your house that you didn't know was there that is filled with wildflowers.

"Celebrate we will, for this life is short, but sweet for certain." -Dave Matthews



This virus has been freaky. It's been cruel. Making me think I'm better one hour, and pulling me back into its grip the next. Monday night I thought I was cured. I felt so good that I wanted to get up and do housework. I went outside and took pictures. What I found was freaky.

I found snails everywhere.

On my door.

On the ground.

You could not take a step without squishing one.

I also found this freaky, not-so-little spider eating a grasshopper.

At least, I think it's a grasshopper. Whatever it was, it's not anymore.

I think I'm really feeling better now. Really.


Labor Day Through a Haze

This weekend feels a bit fuzzy as I was medicated and fighting a fever through most of it. I did, however, manage to see some family and have a nice weekend. It wasn't till I got home Sunday night that I really got sick.

I spent Friday night with my mom. Saturday we began working on her new blog for her new business, Hidden Potential. It's a home staging, interior design business. We're still working on it, but we have the basics set up. Take a look! www.hiddenpotentialhomes.com

Saturday, I hung out with my grandparents, got a new Yankee candle, ate chocolate cheese, and headed to my dad's. This was about the time my fever began to spike again, but I made it safely to the farm where I felt refreshed. I got some more meds pumping through me and had fun taking about bajillion pictures of dad's house and him chopping wood.

Sunday was great once I was all jacked-up on Tylenol Cold.

We celebrated my grandpa Johnson's 78th birthday.

It was good to see him doing so well and to catch up with my many cousins, aunts, and uncles.

I made it home safely Sunday night and then I really really started feeling poorly. By God's grace, Kyle had all day Monday off work and he has been taking excellent care of me ever since. He doesn't like me to get off the couch, even when the Tylenol provides a false sense of wellness.

He even made me lay down and I gave him directions on what to do with the fall decor. What a husband! I love him more than words can say, and not just because he takes such good care of me.


Hello, Fall.

I don't know about you all, but I am super excited to see this summer go! It seems as though it was a particularly rough one, what with hearing some unfortunate news, and constantly missing my husband while he works very long days. Now, I feel as though we've turned a corner, like better days are on the way.

Of course, better days means busier days for me. This is good, though. It's good to be back in school. Good to have hobbies and activities that demand my attention. Good to have people encouraging me, and to have others to encourage.

Of course, nothing cheers you quite like a chunky baby booty. I'm thankful for getting to watch the three sweet children twice a week. They add much joy to my life.

Old Lady Bottom