Why is this the best Monday ever?

A wonderful day puts a bad day in perspective. Yesterday was a bad day, but here are the reasons this day was great.

1. When I got up this morning, one of the first things I saw was that our dear, dear friends, Drew and Yvonne got engaged yesterday! I called Yvonne and started squealing and jumping like a little girl. Words cannot even explain how excited I am for them.

2. I got to my first class, almost on time for once, and had a pop-quiz. I got 100% of the questions correct. Our teacher said Wednesday's class is an optional review session for Friday's exam. Those who did well on the quiz probably would not need to attend. YES!

3. On the way to my next class, I decided to stop in my advisor's office to see if I could change my appointment with her for Fall registration. Instead of changing it, she took me back right then and there. It only took about 5 minutes for her to help me figure it out. Graduation is in sight! Only 18 more hours! Also, I only have class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday next semester.

4. An easy extra credit assignment was given in my second class. I'll take it.

5. I stopped into SIU's new library, and let me just say it is amazing. It's really a beautiful place. Also, it was very easy to find what I needed.

6. I went to lunch at CHIC-FIL-A! After over a year of anticipation, it finally opened!

7. Quite unexpectedly, the Language Development exam I took on Friday was given back today and I got 97%. I was prepared to get a 'B' on it since it was the first test in an extremely demanding course. It was a mercy from God above.

8. I got an encouraging email from our banker about the home-buying stuff. Every time I start to doubt whether or not we're supposed to buy a home right now, God opens the door even wider.

9. The sun was shining all day.

10. I get to spend the whole evening alone with my husband.


Shannon Anderson said...

I can't BELIEVE you guys got a Chik-fil-A. I wish they would have had one when I was there. (It's probably a good thing they didn't)!! We frequent the one in the student center here!:) Glad your day was good!

Madly Hatter said...

Saving the best for last, eh? I like your style.