In our house, if we buy something remotely expensive, it must be practical. Of course, I think my idea of practical is a little more fast and loose than the average penny-saving housewife. My idea of practical would include pretty things that sit on a table and do nothing but make you feel happy when you look at them.

The newest "practical" item on my wish list are these faboulous dish towels from Anthropologie. But even I cannot justify spending $18-$24 for just one dish towel. I'm pretty sure the ones I've been using for the last three years came in a 5-pack at Target for $5.99. The other problem is that I would be too scared to use them because they are so cute. If only I new how to embroider, I would make them myself. Maybe Target will come out with something similar soon...


The Billingsleys said...

those are lovely! i am crushing on these state dish towels from uncommon goods. i bet you'll like them too. the embroidery is amazing.

Shannon Anderson said...

Pretty sure I could justify it. Maybe just one!:) OR ask for it for the next holiday!? Maybe Easter????
haha, but I do have a thing for tea towels.