Cinnamon Rolls

Oh, my goodness. These cinnamon rolls will knock your socks off! As soon as I saw the recipe, I knew that I must make them.

Gooey, sugary dough. Oh, me, oh, my.
When I began making these, I had no idea how many pans of rolls this would make. After the dough had risen, I became concerned. What am I going to bake all these in? Fortunately, the corner market had aluminum pans. Look at that hunk o' dough!
Buttered, sugared, cinnamoned, rolled, sliced, and rising.
Now just top it off with a sinfully sweet (I mean this might actually be sinful) maple frosting, and voilĂ !
Did I mention the smell? The sweet, sweet, heavenly smell? I had the windows open, but wanted to close them just to keep the fragrance inside. After they were finished I sent one pan to the in-laws, one pan to my own kitchen, and four pans to the Baptist Student Center. Within 5 minutes, this was the scene. Then the moaning began. Exclamations of "best cinnamon rolls ever" were coming at me from all different directions. What a wonderful thing to hear! Particularly after you spend hours preparing something. If there had been any weaker a reaction to them, I'd have gone back to Grands, but now I just don't think I can. Believe me, if you had tasted them, you wouldn't be able to either.


The Billingsleys said...

mmmm. those look amazing. i love pioneer woman too. i get so excited when she posts a new recipe, or a new chapter to her 'black heels to tractor wheels' story. have you tried her 'french breakfast puffs?' much less labor intensive than the cinnamon rolls, and soooo delicious!

Shannon Anderson said...

um.. YUM... why I have i not heard of this pioneer woman. I am going to have to check it out! THey look delish!

Chase Abner said...

As one who consumed my share of these cinnamon rolls, I can surely attest to their excellent taste and brain-hammering smell. I could eat my weight in them and die a fat, happy man.

I loved the maple icing, but would be interested in tasting them with a more traditional icing.