Old Music Tuesday: Spacehog

Spacehog is a little known 90's band, and a one-hit-wonder, but one that I love. My biggest memories of this band come from the summer of '95.

It seems their hit song, "In the Meantime" was everywhere that summer. It played on the radio out of the garages while I ran from yard to yard with neighborhood friends. It played over the sound system at the roller skating rink. Most memorably, it played over and over while I lounged by the pool in our backyard.

It seems half my childhood was spent in a swimming pool. Until my family moved to Virden in 1998, we always lived in homes with pools, and I loved it. As soon as my mom got home from work, I would immediately ask to get in the pool. Weekends were all-day swimming bashes. I remember family visiting and everyone spending the day outside grilling and swimming. I terribly miss family swimming days.

Even now, I wish I lived closer to Springfield so we could spend summer days sitting by my mom's BEAUTIFUL pool. (Isn't it beautiful?) Maybe we could even listen to some Spacehog.


Madly Hatter said...

When did they put that fountain in?

Chelsea Bass said...

It has always been there. It's just not always on.