I love dirt.

It's that time of year again where I start writing about birds and flowers and all sorts of lovely things that most people my age don't care about! I started digging a new flower bed that will run the full length of the side of our house. I've never attempted anything this big before, and I am extremely pumped. I was bustin' sod all day. I still have a little more than half way to go down the length of the house, but it's looking good.

As I was digging, I came across the usual worms which don't bother me, the creepy, fast-moving, centipedes which are tolerable at a distance, and these unknown creatures. (Sorry for the poor focus in the picture. My little point-and-shoot camera is beginning to have issues.) I think they might be some kind of larvae. They are all white, with big black spots on their heads, and six legs on the anterior portion of their bodies. There were many of them all curled up and they barely moved when exposed, unlike all the other creep-crawly things.
I know my Poppy's reading this and getting out his insect books right now. Oh, wait, he probably doesn't even need to look it up. What was I thinking? My dear old college roommate, Lynn, is currently getting her Master's degree in Entomology. I bet she would know too.

UPDATE: Poppy called to say they are grub worms, probably a June Bug larvae. Whew! I knew he would have the answer!

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