Old Music Tuesday: Bruce Springsteen

Old Music Tuesday is a day to reflect on the music that shaped my childhood and early adolescence. As always, if you have a shared memory with a song or artist featured on OMT, please share it!

I honestly can't say that The Boss had a mega influence on my childhood. I don't even recall my parents liking him that much. That being said, there are some significant memories of his music that are probably shared with most Americans. While there were dozens of classic Springsteen songs from which I could choose, I kept the list to just three songs. They may not all be what you'd expect.

1. Born in the USA- Alright, so this one's almost a given. Every. Single. Fireworks show. I really think that nearly every Independence Day celebration requires the playing of this song. I can remember sitting on a blanket by the lake in Sherman where my friend lived, and hearing it in the background. I remember traveling downtown St. Louis with friends when I was 17 to watch the fireworks shoot off the barge in the mighty Mississippi, and for all of it, Bruce was there. And he was there for so many more 4th of Julys, and more to come, Lord willing...

2. Merry Christmas, Baby- Now I'm guessing that when most people think of The Boss, they don't think of Christmas, but I do. We had this cassette tape, "A Very Special Christmas" that had tons of 80's and 90's pop stars singing Christmas songs. I'm pretty sure it resided in my boombox from September to January every year (unless, of course, Mariah was in there), and this was on that tape. Oh, the hours I spent in the musty old basement of our house singing Christmas tunes with Bruce.

3. Secret Garden- The angst of early adolescence I associate with this song. It first became popular in the film, "Jerry Maguire." I remember them playing it repeatedly on the radio with sounds clips thrown in from the film. I dreamed of being in love. It wasn't until much later that I heard the song was about either a prostitute or a "religious" woman. I suppose, either way, I don't care. Still, a lovely, melancholy song.

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Shannon Anderson said...

The Courier is GREAT. We have been there a mighty number of times, in fact that was one of the first places we went after church after we moved here, (kind of like you and Harbaugh's). Jupiter's is good too. They built a great big new one on Windsor (not sure how long ago) but from what I understand there is one downtown too. I've never been to that one. We've been to Cowboy Monkey only once and we ate out on the patio with friends. I've never actually been inside. (It's on the list).
Like you said, there are TONS of places up here to eat. That's why dessert Thursday was invented. It seemed like every time i turned a corner there was some diner I'd never seen before. It's been a lot of fun. But we both miss Southern Illinois (of course that's where me meet and fell in love, kind of like here for you two). There are a LOT of great memories down there. Especially all of the fantastic outdoor activities. Those are lacking up here.

BTW... I think Bruce has been at every 4th of July since I can remember and I'm sure he'll be at all the ones to come!!