Some thoughts on the Maryville incident

Last night I laid my head down next to my husband, waiting for the NyQuil to kick in, and my mind began to wander as it always does. Last night, however, my thoughts were not on my own problems, but turned towards another. As I lay there listening to Kyle breathing deeply and peacefully, I thought of Mrs. Fred Winters.

The night before last, I suspect she laid her head next to her husband's in the same way. Perhaps her mind was even full of the responsibilities of the next day, getting the kids ready, praying for her husband before he steps up to the pulpit, other various tasks that would be waiting for her when they arrived at church. Whatever she was thinking that night, I'm fairly certain it did not include the events of the next morning.

I flashed forward to that moment. I wondered what thoughts were running through her head. Was she able to sleep in that same bed where she laid with him the night before? What had she told her daughters? Would she be able to truly forgive the one who murdered her beloved? Would I be able to do that?

The answer is no. It's an impossible task to find that kind of forgiveness apart from Christ doing an absolutely miraculous work in us. In my sinful heart, you would find hatred, anger, and bitterness.

How quickly I forget that I am really just like this man, Terry Sedlacek, who murdered Dr. Winters. My sin held Jesus to the cross. I put the crown of thorns on his head, and the nails through his hands. The perfect son of God was slain so that he would be exalted, so that we could know him, so that we could know forgiveness and in turn forgive others. Praise God for this undeserved intervention, for it is all that separates me from Terry Sedlacek, but it is available for him too.

Satisfaction in Christ alone is what completes this circle. It is the answer to the question, "Why, God?" When Mrs. Winters can turn and say that God is enough, that though her circumstances may fail her, God is good, and he is enough, it points to the glorious grace of Jesus. I am fervently praying that she will, and soon.

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