Better Pictures

Lately I've been thinking a lot about capturing history. I want to preserve and document stories about my family that could easily be lost. This is driving my desire to take better photographs through the roof. This is a newspaper clipping of my great grandmother and her brother. There is a beautiful story that goes with it that I would hate to forget.

That old colloquialism, "A picture is worth a thousand words," is really true. I want to capture the places and faces of my life, and the lives of former generations. I really want to tell their stories in words and photographs. I suppose it would be photojournalism for my family.

This summer, one of our dear friends, John Corson, has agreed to give me some basic photography lessons, and also teach me a thing or two about using Photoshop. John is a Master of Fine Arts (that's a really big deal), and this is such a privilege. I promise, John, any instruction will be put to very good use.

Ah, yet another reason I can't wait for summer!

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