Ranch Chicken

There's no "ranch" anything in this chicken recipe, but the woman who first made it lives on a ranch. My taste buds were in throws of passion with this chicken. I modified the original recipe just a bit based on what I already had in my kitchen. The main substitutes were honey mustard for dijon and honey, and fiesta cheese for cheddar. Other than that, I stayed pretty true to her recipe.The chicken marinades while I plan for the next day's cinnamon rolls.
Thick-cut pepper bacon to go on top. Oh, how tempting that smell was!
I'd never pan-seared chicken before. In fact, I'd never pan-seared anything before. I put the chicken in when the skillet was not yet hot enough. Don't do that. It doesn't sear properly. If you do, though, it will be okay, just not as pretty.
Top with bacon and shredded cheese. The chicken will finish cooking in the oven. Then the smell will almost be unbearable.
Served with a potato and a glass of wine. It was quite the meal!