Kitchen Organization Ideas

It seems a girl can never have enough cabinet space. I have a serious shortage. I've done a lot to compensate, but I still have issues. My biggest dilemma is tupperware lids! I don't have any drawers in which to keep them, so my po' lil' lids get thrown about the cabinet. When I actually need to find one, it's kind of a pain. So I want to know, what are your best ideas for organizing your kitchen?


Shannon Anderson said...

Can't help you there. My cabinets look worse than that!:)

Victoria said...

I am the organizer in our home...

I do two things:

Stack the containers according to size with matching lids under them. (i.e. the order would go like this: lid 3 with container 3 on top; lid 2 in container 3 with container 2 on top of that; lid 1 in container 2 with container 1 on top of that....and so on)


When the lids will not fit (as is the case with most TUPPERWARE (name brand) products) I stack the containers inside of each other and in a SEPEERATE pile, I keep the lids organized in the same order according to size.

Hope this makes sense!

Amy Wells said...

My cabinets are currently overflowing. But I did see some really neat organizationthings for cabinets the other day, (I'll have to get back to you on where) that I would have really liked to have. They were basically shelving units that you put ontop of your existing shelves so that you don't have to remove some things to get to others. They come in all shapes and sizes. Pretty neat!