I Weep and Mourn

I am devastated by this video I watched today. It's called The Silent Scream. I first saw it on Carolyn McCulley's blog, which provides some background and insight. It walks through the steps of an abortion. You watch through an ultrasound while a baby kicks and squirms as it tries to move away from the suction tool. You see its limbs being ripped apart and sucked out. The head is then crushed and removed. I cannot imagine anything more horrifying. The documentary was made more than twenty years ago and it's pretty outdated, but it is still gut-wrenching. I sometimes find it hard to believe that this happens. The National Right to Life claims that in 2003, there were 3,500 abortions performed every day nationwide. That's 2-3 every minute, just in the U.S.

In contrast, I've recently stumbled upon the blogs of Abraham and Molly Piper (John Piper's son and daughter in law). The day before she was due, they lost their baby girl. They've openly shared their grief through their loss. How it must feel to parents who have unexpectedly lost a child to know of such horrors, I may never know. I can only imagine.

I weep for them.

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Madly Hatter said...

I recall seeing that video some time ago...it was absolutely horrifying.