Are you feeding?

Some people say, "Chelsea, how do you keep up with so many blogs?"

I say, "I have a great RSS Feeder that shows me new posts within ten minutes of the poster posting them."

Then they say, "But Chelsea, I'm not a Mac user, I can't get that one."

I say, "That's too bad for you. You should be a Mac user. You can still use an RSS feed, though, to keep up with all your blogs. Maybe my husband could recommend one for Windows users. He's very knowledgeable like that, you know. You can even use Google Reader."

If you're like me, all of your friends (real ones and online ones) have blogs. You might also enjoy the frequent postings on a teaching blog. It's such a pain to visit every page and see if the person has updated. Blogging made easier- it's great for everyone!


Chase Abner said...

I don't feed. I simply use tabbed browsing and open all the blogs I frequent at once then cycle through by using Apple+W to close tabs as I finished checking new content.

Chelsea said...

Chase, I suggest you try out said feeder. It will make your life easier.

Chase Abner said...

I've tried other feed readers and have been unsatisfied. I guess I just enjoy seeing the design of the pages. Also, not all feeders indicate when comments have been made and that's sometimes the best part of my favorite blogs.

Maybe you could demonstrate your feed reader for us the next time we visit... soon?

Chelsea said...

Gladly! Maybe tomorrow night if your wife isn't too tired after the big shower.

Madly Hatter said...

I'm a big fan of Google Reader, and rather depend on it these days. The downside is, as Chase mentioned, that I only see page designs and layouts when I head over to leave a comment.

The thing about the RSS Menu that Chelsea references, however, is that it takes you to the actual blogs to read them, rather than simply displaying the content in its own window, like Google Reader.

Google Reader (and other feed readers) do let me zip through things pretty quickly, however, which can be a plus.