Out of the Woods

I really love living near a wooded area. We get to hear and see animals that, if we lived in town, we would not see. Mostly it's just typical birds and animals, but occasionally we get something extra interesting. As the weather gets nicer, and we spend more time outside, we get to see even more.
We made about six trips out to the dumpster this weekend after doing some heavy duty Spring cleaning. While we were out, we heard the distinct sounds of a Barred Owl. I would love to see it some time because I think owls are incredible. Unfortunately, we only ever hear owls at night. I think that sometimes we also hear a Spotted Owl, but their voices are so similar, I have a hard time making the distinction. Listening carefully to the rhythm is the only way I know we've definitely heard a Barred Owl.

This afternoon I looked out the window to see this little turtle waddling across our driveway. He got scared when I walked up to take the picture. Anyone know how to identify a turtle?

Our cleaning was wonderful this weekend. Kyle and I worked worked hard and were able to get rid of so much stuff! I cannot even believe how many things we've been holding on to for no reason. We cleared up so much space. We each have our own closets, but I think that we could fit it all into one now if we had to do it. It's such a relief to be able to close those doors with ease. In a place as small as ours, any little bit of extra space is a big deal.

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Madly Hatter said...

That's a nifty picture of that owl...too bad we didn't take it!