I Wanna Have Your Babies

Full-blown baby fever. I've got it. Our beloved friends, Chase and Alisha, gave birth to a son today. Simon James Abner is a beautiful, healthy boy and a blessing to all of us! I really appreciate getting to visit them at the hospital and spend some quality time with R2, I mean Simon.

In the last 6 months, we've had bunches of friends and family members having babies. It's wonderful to have them around, but it makes me feel a bit anxious to make babies with my man. We don't think that this is the right time, but we are ready when God is ready. So what happens if I'm ready, willing, but unable? I know that God is able, even if my body is not. If He wants a baby in my womb, I know that He'll put one there.

Still, I have this nagging feeling that I can't, that I won't be able to. I won't go into the details of my lady business, but let's just say I have issues. This is something that I have not wanted to face. No doctor has ever told me that I will not be able to have children, or even given me a diagnosis. One doctor told me that she suspected I had PCOS, but later testings were not indicative of that. I'm going to the doctor on May 12. Hopefully this will begin a process of getting some answers.

We appreciate your prayers as we walk through this time of uncertainty.


aleighsweber said...

i have the same nagging feeling about not being able to have kids. for no good reason, though. maybe it's because my grandmother thinks i'm going to die if i wait until after i'm 30 to have kids. we want to have kids, but we're not ready. i'm hoping that "baby fever" will hit me one day and i'll know it's time. that's something i'm praying about.

Madly Hatter said...

Babies, babies, babies...there's another one!

luannl64 said...

You will be great parents when it happens. You look so natural holding Simon. I know that God is going to bless you with children, even if they don't begin in your womb. I am also delighted to know that Kyle is so good with little kids. I have watched him with Hannah & Noah and I am amazed at his patience. Many men do not have that much time or patience for their own children.