I'm sick.  Yeah, it's really attractive.  I got to sit in a quiet room tonight while taking a mid-term, painfully hunched over a tiny desk for a long time with a burning fever.  The only sounds to be heard were people nervously shifting in their seats and... me.  Blowing my nose.  Coughing into my elbow.  Blowing my nose.  Crinkling my Kleenex pocket pack open to get another tissue.  Blowing my nose.

I'm sure my classmates really appreciated it.  Not only is it attractive and super-hygenic, it's also a really soothing noise for test-taking.   I bet they all just thought, "Gee, I wish I had what she has.  That would really make this week better."

Don't worry, ladies.  I probably spread my germs to you today.  You can thank me later. 


Anonymous said...

I sat right next to you and didn't hear a thing. The midterm was all-absorbing...

Keli B. said...

hope you feel better soon! even in your sickness, you manage to make me smile.