Happy birthday, Celeste.

My friend, Celeste, celebrated a big birthday this weekend.  I won't say which one.  To celebrate, a bunch of our friends went to eat at Celeste's favorite The Fountain on Locust.  The food there is delicious, and the ambiance is great.

The lighting is tricky for pictures, and many of mine came out a little blurry.  Here's the best of what I got (and that's still not so great):

This is Celeste and her darling husband, Matt, and sweet Baby C. Sadly, all the pics of them were a bit blurry. I love this family.


This is Kim and her date, Juliette. Their husbands couldn't make it so they split a dinner and shared dessert. It was precious.


This is Noah. He's one of our pastors. I am SO thankful for him.


This is Noah's family - his mother-in-law, his Baby A, and his gorgeous wife, Heather. Aren't they pretty girls? Baby A is turning 1 in just a few days!


These are our friends Jacob and Amy. We have a small group Bible study at their house every week. We will forever be indebted to Jacob, who helped us move into our new apartment when he didn't even know us. They are expecting a baby girl in just a few weeks!


You probably know these mangy people.


We are so grateful for all the new friends God has put in our lives, and I can't wait to go deeper in our relationships with them.  In Carbondale I learned that deep relationships take time and cultivation, but I am glad for the way things are going with our church friends.

Now I'm still praying I can make some better friends in my program.  Many others have formed small circles of friends, or came in already knowing at least one other person.  I often feel alone, like and outsider.   Maybe everyone feels that way in a new city at a new school...


Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

Husband and I went to the Fountain last week too. Love the ice cream there! :)

You take such lovely pictures, too!

Celeste Flummer said...

Awww, this family loves you too girl! Thanks for coming, we'll have to gather the girls and head to The Fountain again sometime. Maybe just for desserts this time :-)