Super Nerds

Kyle and I have long fooled ourselves into thinking that we're really not that nerdy.  Sure, we like Star Trek.  Sure, we like Lord of the Rings.  Sure, we think Firefly was one of the most underrated shows ever.  But, we're not that nerdy, right?

A couple weeks ago we went to a book signing that solidified our super nerd status forever, though.  We've been to book signings before, but not like this one.  This time we went to a signing for a fantasy fiction writer, Brandon Sanderson.

Brandon Sanderson and BKB

I am currently reading his Mistborn series, and Kyle has read just about all of his books, with the exception of his young adult series.  I'm usually more into the Jane Austen-like works of fiction, but I find myself really enjoying this series.  (Kyle attributes this change to Twilight.  He says that series opened me up to more fantastical writing.) 

Sanderson has become more well-known recently in large part because he was tasked with completing the writing for the late Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series.  Jordan tragically passed away before the finale of his twenty-odd-years-in-the-making series was complete.

The signing was really fun and surprisingly packed.  I couldn't believe how many other super nerds were in the St. Louis area for this.  The line of people wrapped all the way around this massive Barnes and Noble.


We told ourselves we were the coolest people there to make ourselves feel better.  Either way, it was cool for Kyle to get to meet one of his favorite living authors.  I'm sure my mom will have a good laugh at our expense when she finds out we went to a fantasy writer's book signing.

Brandon Sanderson and BKB

Come on, Mom.  It couldn't be any worse than the time we went to the midnight Return of the King premiere in costume, right?  After all, there were no wigs, elf ears, or chain-mail body suits involved this time!

Super Nerds

Keepin' it real,


amanda weber said...

1. Jason read the Wheel of Time series. At least twice.

2. Going to The Return of the King in costume is something I'm quite proud of.

Chelsea Bass said...

Yeah, Kyle has read WoT multiple times, also. He's anxious for the final ones to be released!

Sorry to tell you, but this only proves that you guys are also super nerds, Amanda.

Molly said...

oh.my.GOSH!! That last PICTURE!!! I'm DYING over here! lolololol!

BTW, we're supernerds too, but in different ways.

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

Love the picture of you guys dressed up! What's wrong with showing up to a midnight premiere like that? Apparently, I'm a dork as well. :)