A Life Full of Whimsy

Kyle and I have always tried to fill our home with things that are beautiful and fun.  Some things are new and stylish.  Some things are old and worn.  Some things are downright comical.  Our idea is that your home should not only make you smile, but have a good chuckle once in a while.

Today we made a trip down to Dutch Town to an area known as the Antique District.  Amidst the many over-priced and beautiful things, in the back corner of a cool little shop, we found something that made us laugh very hard and say, "Awesome! We have to get that."

Meet Sir Henry.


Maybe you're not into whimsy.  Maybe you think grad school has made us lose our minds.  Maybe you, like us, think that Henry is awesome.


No matter what people think, we're more than happy to have a knight in the family!


Keli B. said...

you guys are hilarious! i think he's awesome! hopefully i can check out your place the next time i'm in stl.

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

I *love* Henry. I so need one of those in my house!