Law School Observations

A few times a week I sit just outside or in the lobby of the law school waiting for Kyle to get out of class.  Here are a few observations I've made.*
  1. My ideas about what law students would be like were nothing like the reality.  I thought there would mostly be white frat boys.  While there are some, they are not the expected majority.  The law students are much more diverse in sociological and personality makeup than I expected, except when it comes to the way they dress. 
  2. Business casual means many different things to many different people.
  3. 98% of young dudes who wear suits don't know how to get a suit that fits. 
  4. 99% of young dudes who try to dress professionally look boring (black suit, white shirt, stupid tie) and borderline sloppy (see #1).**
  5. The girls who dress up all look the same. Black pants or skirt, black jacket, single necklace, hair in ponytail. Not a lot of color or accessorizing happening.  
  6. I'm pretty sure they all look at me and somehow know that I'm not a law student.  On the days I choose to sit in the lobby, I get a lot of "What are you doing here?" looks. You wouldn't believe the staring, and it ain't cuz I'm so purty.
  7. Almost all of them carry HUGE bags. 
  8. Most of them walk into the building alone with these really intense looks on their faces.
  9. Most of them walk out in groups with smiles on their faces.
* Note that these observations only apply to the SLU Law students I have observed.
** I like to think that my husband, whose clothes shopping has become my personal responsibility, is neither boring nor sloppy in dress.

Thank you and amen.


Anonymous said...

Sounds exactly like WashU's law students, too!

Though Jeff's suit is charcoal grey ;-)

ashley said...

Women are told that we need to dress that way. It's true.

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

I feel the same way - most people don't know how to wear a suit that actually fits. But the kids that my husband hang with almost never get dressed up for class. I wonder why?