This was homecoming weekend for SLU.  To celebrate, the law school had family day and Kyle's parents came up to celebrate.


We got up early and went to the Soulard Farmer's Market before the festivities began.  The pumpkins and gourds were arriving and there were some of the biggest, cheapest mums I've ever seen.  Six dollars for a HUGE pot!


We went to the law school events, which included a stellar lunch, hearing from three impressive professors, and participating in a mock class. I learned a lot about what Kyle does every day in just a couple hours and it was really fun.

We had a great dinner out at Cunetto House of Pasta. It was SO packed. We were glad we went early. After dinner we went for gelato at our favorite, Gelateria del Leone. This morning we had breakfast at Soulard Coffee Garden before saying goodbye to Mama and Papa Bass.

Our new tradition with our house guests is that they must take a picture with Sir Henry and sign our guest book.  Mama and Papa Bass got to be the first!


What a fun weekend we had. How did it go by so quickly?


Courtney said...

Hi Chelsea-
thanks for commenting on my blog! I know of you from mutual siuc friends..and have stalked your blog for awhile :). When I heard you guys were moving to stl, it was cool to see that we are in the same region of the city. We live on the west side of tower grove park off kingshighway...close to the walgreens off arsenal. I am glad to see how you and kyle are growing here in the city. Maybe we could do a double date sometime in the future! And/or be motivation to each other on our weight-loss journeys! I wish you luck..and will pray for you as you begin.

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

I have always loved SLU Homecoming. Since I was an undergrad there, it holds lots of great memories for me. I'm glad you guys got to enjoy the activities at the law school! I was garage sale-ing, or else we may have gone as well.

That's a great pic at the end! :)