Watson and Quacker

Watson has quite a few toys already.  He likes to chase a tennis ball, romp and play with his bouncy Kong, and chew for hours on a raw hide bone.  But there is one toy that trumps every other toy.

Meet Quacker.


Watson has become... attached... nay, fixated on Quacker.   See, Quacker is a duck.  He quacks.


Watson is a spaniel.  Spaniels are bred to be gun dogs.  They have long noses and long, floppy ears that help sweep the scent up from the ground as they track fallen fowl.  They can flush out game and retrieve birds (especially quail and woodcock, hence Cocker Spaniels) with a gentle mouth.  Watson... well, he's working on the gentle.   Retrieving Quacker, though... he's a natural at that.  

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