Soulard Farmers Market

We went down to the Soulard Farmers Market on Saturday morning.  What a great day it was to be there.  We'd already been to the Tower Grove Farmers Market in our neighborhood, so we thought we'd make the 1.5 mile jog over to Soulard and see theirs.


It was glorious.  It was packed.  It was HUGE.  This is just one wing.


You could find just about anything there, everything from handmade jewelry to alligator meat.  The real star of the show, however, is the abundance of beautiful, inexpensive produce. 



The walls and mounds of fruit and vegetables seemed to go on for miles.  It is a sight that will make you proud to be in the Midwest, where we have access to such a bountiful harvest.  At the same time, it will make you feel guilty to think about other parts of the world where people don't even have a concept of a place like this.  It made me wonder just what happens to all the produce that isn't sold.

It is inspiring in so many ways.  Just look at those colors...



Those textures...



It was beautiful. Does anyone else get this excited about produce?

We brought home some peaches, cherries, and a couple Mexican mangoes. Kyle sampled goat cheese, which was supposedly delicious, but kind of pricey.


We also shared a sample 6-pack of hot, fresh mini-donuts from Smitty's. We were told we simply must get them.


They were good, but we both later concluded that we'd rather spend the calories on some really good bread.

There were lots of interesting characters, and no shortage of musicians about the market. My favorites were Raven Wolf, a jazz musician, and this group of guys playing a sweet, soft, bluegrass lullaby.


All in all, the market was incredible. If you come visit us, we'll take you there!


Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

I am embarrassed to admit that I went to school here, and have worked here for four years now and have never been to Soulard Farmer's Market. I must remdy that.

Joe Foell said...

Beautiful! I wish I could go there.

Lots of people get that excited about produce, but few can capture the besuty as well as Rick Lee. Click the link with my name to scroll through some awesome pictures of his work.