Tourist Weekend

We entertained my Uncle Andy, Aunt Callie, and little cousins Noah and Hannah this weekend.  We really had a blast with them!  Saturday we acted like tourists exploring The Gateway Arch and Laclede's Landing


We got the Lockhart family cheesin' and made them take lots of pictures.


Unfortunately, the kids grew tired of the pictures so they started to turn out like this.


Of course, I had to snap a few of my beloved.


At The Arch, we explored the Westward Expansion museum underneath. I want to go back again with Kyle so we can read all the placards. I've always been interested in the history of the western states. You may well remember that my favorite childhood books were those of Laura Ingalls Wilder, my favorite game, Oregon Trail. I used to dress up in a prairie skirt, run around barefoot on the family farm, and pretend I was a pioneer girl.  I'm still that girl inside. 

Anywho, the kids enjoyed the museum, I think.



Also under The Arch is a little baseball museum.  There were a lot of great facts on the history of the game, and on the history of its popularity in St. Louis.  This is, more than any other sport, a baseball city.  They had some pretty cool artifacts, like this old manual for the "recently invented game of base ball."


And this advertisement:


Someone should send it to the Cubs.

That's right.  I'm officially a St. Louisan now.  I diss the Flubs. 

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Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

I love the Arch! It's always such a fun tourist-y thing to do.