This guy.

This guy, this man, has been my husband for four years today.


One thing is sure: by the grace of our Lord, Jesus, I love him more today than I did on August 12, 2006.  We've weathered a few storms together and we have grown in our confidence of God's faithfulness to us. Again and again, we have been humbled and brought to our knees by our inability to do any good thing apart from Jesus.  We've seen miracles happen.  We've seen grief.  Still, we say, "God, you alone are good.  You alone are all we need."

Happy accident

I am so grateful for the many blessings I have been given in Kyle.  As we prayed together a few nights ago, he prayed, "Thank you for Chelsea and the blessing she is to me every day that I've known her." While I often feel more like a curse than a blessing, I am grateful for a man who would see me that way.  I am grateful for a husband who works hard, who isn't afraid to try new things, who is always slow to anger and quick to forgive, and who loves me with an unfailing love.

Sweet face. Sexy hair.

I love you, Bryant Kyle Bass.  I hope we are blessed with many more years together.  Happy 4th anniversary!

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