We had a GREAT fourth anniversary.  Kyle was done with his school stuff at noon, so we had the chance to have lunch at one of our favorite places, Square One Brewery (don't be fooled by the low-quality website). They have killer pub burgers, and different specialty burger every week. *I highly recommend the bison burger if available.*


Since we ended up eating a long, late lunch, we decided later to just skip dinner and go straight for dessert.  We went to my favorite place for dessert, Baileys' Chocolate Bar.


I ordered the Bailey's brownie and an Irish coffee, while Kyle indulged in the crepes with strawberries and warm Nutella drizzled over them.  It was all fabulous!


After we did a little walk around Lafayette Square.


The fountain at the center created some nice ambiance for a romantic stroll. 


I attempted to take our picture using the self timer, but getting the camera to focus properly while steadying it on a park bench was a rather difficult challenge. Sorry for the blur.


It was a great night out, followed by a great night at home playing with Watson and his new favorite toy.  More on that next time.

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Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

I *love* Bailey's. Now I'm craving one of their martinis. :) Sounds like a lovely anniversary!