It's Summer!

Finally, after spending most of my summer in class and away from my beloved, I have a short respite before classes begin again.  It has been a hard, wonderful, trying, beautiful summer.  So many good things have come into our lives and we've had to let go of some good things, too.

This weekend we were celebrating the end of my summer classes, the end of Kyle's job with the Southern Illinois Miners, and most importantly, the marriage of Bradley and Ellen Peradotto! It was a jam-packed weekend of giving thanks, catching up with friends, and saying goodbye.  It seems as though all our old friends are undergoing major life-changes at the same time.  I am so thankful for the people God placed in our lives while we were there and we already miss them SO much.

The Peradottos

Brad and Ellen's wedding was gorgeous.  I think there were very few dry eyes in the house as they recited their own vows and we all sang praises to Jesus.  I wish that I'd take more pictures, but when you're a bridesmaid, it's hard to find time.  I snapped a few as Ellen was getting ready, and a couple more with my phone later that night.  There were cameras everywhere, so I can't wait to see what everyone else captured.

Becoming: Mrs. Peradotto

Kyle and I returned to St. Louis tonight and we have one week before Kyle begins his orientation for law school.  I know this week will fly by, so we are really going to try and enjoy it.  I have three weeks off until I start back, so I'm hoping to get a lot done around the house.  I have a number of small projects that I just haven't had the time to do all summer.  I'll be sure to update more now that I have time!

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