Greetings from Santa's Lodge

We decided to escape Carbondale early and head to Santa Claus. By God's sovereign design, the elves at Santa's Lodge accidentally gave away our regular room and had to upgrade us to a suite! Shucks! We're enjoying our stay so far. It's Christmas all year long! We pulled up to 83 degree weather and fully decked-out Christmas lights and decorations. (My Granny would flip for this place!)
I'll have lots of pictures and stories to tell when we get back from the North Pole, oops, I mean Santa Claus!
Hope everyone else is having as fun of a weekend as we are.

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Chase Abner said...

We're so glad that you guys are getting this weekend!

The Wendy's at the Santa Claus exit on I-64 used to be one of my regular stops on the Kentucky-to-Illinois-to-Kentucky jaunts.