And my back says, "Aaaahhh."

Since I've been spending more time sitting at a computer every day, I've been experiencing some intense back pain. Today as I was swapping my desk chair with one from an empty office, my boss said, "What on Earth are you doing?" I explained the pain and she said, "Well go pick out a new one, for Heaven's sake!"
To which I said, "Really? Is that in the budget?"
To which she said, "You bet, just pick out one that's comfortable."
To which I said, "ALRIGHT!"
Friends, meet my dearest new friend, my desk chair. My back and neck are already so much happier.


Chase Abner said...

Wait a minute! I didn't tithe so you could have a comfy chair. What an outrage!

I might look into a similar model for my own cockpit.

Chelsea Bass said...

Dang, Chase, don't say things like that to me. I already feel guilty about it. I really feel bad that your wife had to sit for months in that old one!