All Jane Austen, all the time.

I sat at home on a perfect stormy evening last night and watched The Jane Austen Book Club and read Emma. The movie had some awkward parts and some not-so-fantastic acting, but I liked it overall. It has me very excited for my upcoming Jane Austen garden tea party.

In a few weeks I get to sit with my own friends and talk about these fantastic books. I'm trying to get my husband to read Northanger Abbey. He's only been exposed to Emma and he did not like it. I think N.A. is the least girly of them all. I'm going to try to re-read every Austen book by the end of the year. I've already done Pride & Prejudice. Anybody want to start a book club?

It feels wonderful to be able to read for fun! This is the first Sunday in a long time that I haven't been in a panic about what's due on Monday.


Jim said...

O I am so sorry that you were stuck at home with Jane Austin.

aleighsweber said...

i love jane austen! i just bought two old austen books at a book sale last week. sense & sensibility and pride & prejudice. hopefully i'll read them soon. you've inspired me to read them all again by december.

also, don't tell anybody, but jason likes emma - the movie, at least.

Shannon Anderson said...

If I never read another author (besides God) I would be totally fine with it. LOVE Jane Austen (you may be able to tell by my blog page headings)