"Good Weather for Ducks!"

A woman I work with says this every time it rains. Every. Single. Time. When a customer comes in and starts talking about the weather (which is pretty much everyone on days of inclement conditions), she always comes back with this little saying.

The weather was most certainly the topic of the day. In fact, the last month or so has been full of crazy-cakes weather here in Carbondale. Snow storms, ice storms, rain storms, high winds, no winds, flash floods, sunshine... insane! So far today, Carbondale has reported 9.75'' of rain and it's still coming down.

I actually love today's weather. Don't get me wrong, I do not like flooding and destruction. I do, however, love a moderate, warm rain. I wanted to go run around and jump in puddles like a little girl. This is something I never would have done as a little girl since I hated to get dirty. Nonetheless, I am happy today.

Kyle brought up the idea that maybe this is what weather is like in Seattle. I don't think it would be too bad. Sure, it's wet and cloudy, but at least the temperature is mild there! Oh, dearest Emerald City, someday we'll make it there, Lord willing.


Shannon Anderson said...

Matt and I call this weather London weather... I haven't ever been but I understand that it is constantly raining. I too enjoy wet weather, but the "wintery mix" that we are STILL having is just awful!

Madly Hatter said...

Sorry ducks, I'm ready for 75 degrees and sunny!

luannl64 said...

I can't believe that you like rainy weather so much. I love the sun and gardening! I could never move to a rainy city like Seattle, nor could I move that far away from my mother. (LOL)