A Revolutionary Idea

Earlier this week, Beth Moore wrote a blog asking her readers a simple question; How are you? Hmm... the idea of a blog post having nothing to do with my desire to talk about myself? Sounds good!

So, dearest friends of the shire, tell me how you are doing. I really want to know what's going on in your life so I can pray for you, talk to you, and be a better friend.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for asking! I am tired and stressed and really need to get motivated to exercise! But on the up side Im excited that its almost April and Im half way through this semester!! How are you doing?

aleighsweber said...

i'm anxious for something else. jason's applying for a new (and somewhat exciting) job (with the same company). my job is boring me a bit so i want to go away somewhere. and the weather is looking mighty tempting out my window today - even though i know it's a bit cool. more than that, i'm praying hard and constantly that God 'incline my heart to His testimonies and not to selfish gain. turn my eyes from looking at worthless things and give me life in His ways' (ps 119.36-37) because right now it's not.