A Mouse!

Oh, Lord, please not a mouse!

For the last few nights, as we are going to bed and everything is still, we've heard a sudden bolt of scampering little feet across our ceiling. A squirrel, perhaps? They've managed to get in before through a gap in the siding. Yesterday I sat in the quiet, working on my quilt. I heard a scratching coming from inside the wall. I didn't want to know what it was, I just wanted it OUT!

This morning I sleepily made my way in and out of the bathroom. Kyle entered as I was getting out. A few minutes later, I started to walk back in and Kyle quickly shouted, "Chelsea, you might not want to come in here. I think there's a mouse in here!" A what? My heart sank. I began shaking. I jumped back and slammed the door. We formed a plan.

My brave husband searched and found no mouse. He opened the door. Hesitantly I entered and finished getting ready for work. About an hour after I arrived at work, I called Kyle to see if there were any more mouse-citings. "Do you really want to know?" Yes. Sort of. It was curled up under the floorboard heater. It was probably in there when I walked in half asleep. It was in there while I was getting ready. It might still be in there.

Kyle put a trap down. I was terrified of coming home and finding the mouse on the trap. It wasn't, but I still don't want to go in there. I'm not peeing till he gets home.


Shannon Anderson said...

Ohhh man...... totally NOT cool!

Alisha said...

A mouse in the home is better than a rat in the home... My sister-in-law once had a opossum get stuck between her walls... A mouse is much better than that, too.