Sunday Song

This morning I sit in my dark-as-possible living room. Shortly after waking up, I felt all the certain symptoms of a migraine coming on strong. I quickly took some medication, grabbed my eye mask and rolled over into the darkness. Along with the throbbing pain in my head comes sensitivity to light, smells, and sound, and some intense nausea. As I laid in bed, I felt very sad knowing that I would not be joining my husband and my dear friends at our church's gathering this morning. I made the decision to praise God anyway. I moved to the living room, turned on my ESV audio Bible softly, listened to God speak through His word, and found some inspiration to blog about it.

I often find that in my sicknesses, God speaks deeply. I also find that, many times, I can see a purpose for my illness. A few weeks ago, God ordained that I should have a "colon attack" (as I like to call it) on the day before a very big test and paper were due. I should have been working, but was in too much pain to even stand. I stayed home, laid on the couch, and studied all day long. When the day was over, I realized that I would not have been able to study so well had I gone to work that day. I did well on the test and the paper. Praise be to God.

This morning I sat in my living room, tears welling in my eyes, at how good He is, at how deep my need for Him is, at how much He loves us, at what He has done, at how much I want to love and honor Him. Sunday, which most of us call our Sabbath, is meant to be a day of worship and praise and reflection over what He has done. I decided that each Sunday, I want to try and give an account at what God has done in the past week, and to share a piece of scripture or a song that has been particularly meaningful that week. It is my hope that I will become better prepared to readily give an account of what God has done. I also hope that others will do the same so that we might praise the Lord together.

Without being too specific at this time, this week God answered a long-time prayer of mine. I finally felt strength and peace concerning a certain issue. I am so thankful, and I may expound upon it more as time goes on. For now, I will simply say that it is very clearly Him moving, and has nothing to do with me.

I have heard some great songs and scripture this week, so it has been very hard to choose this very first time. This song, however, was stuck in my head for a few days. Not coincidentally, it sang to me softly this morning when everything else was too loud.
You're everything
I could want, I could need.
If I could see, You want me
could I believe?
'Cause You're perfectly
All I want, and all I need.
If I could just feel Your touch
could I be free?

Why do You shine so?
Can a blind man see?
Why do You call?
Why do You beckon me?
Can the deaf hear the voice of love?
Would You have me come?
Can the cripple run?
Are You the one?

To raise me up
from this grave
Touch my tongue
and then I'll sing
Heal my limbs
then joyfully I'll run to You

You're everything
I could want and I could need.
I can just, feel your touch
and I can't breathe.
And how you shine so
the blind can see.
And how You call out,
You beckon me.
The deaf hear the voice of love.
You bid me come,
and the cripple run.
You're the one.

So raise me up
from this grave.
Touch my tongue
and then I'll sing.
Heal my limbs
and joyfully I'll run to You.

You're everything.
I'm alive and I'll sing,
I'm alive and I'm free...

-David Crowder Band, "You're Everything"

What has God done for you this week? Take time to reflect and rejoice in the Lord today.

p.s. There is a bird singing sweetly outside my door right now. It sounds like a heavenly song through the thunder and rain. I wish I could identify it by its song.


Madly Hatter said...

I'm glad you're feeling better now. I love you.

aliosh said...

Glad you are feeling better! This blog was a beautiful reminder of our need to reflect on His goodness and the way He fulfills us. Thanks for sharing!