Jewelry and the Glory of God

It's been a while. Not much has changed around here so I don't have a lot to say tonight... A few things that are on my mind...
Yesterday I started think about how selfish I am, how all of us are... I started thinking about all the possessions I have and how much I love to shop and buy "nice" things. This feeling came over me hat I wanted to get rid of all of it. I look around the room at all the stuff I have. Do you know that I have about a hundred t-shirts? Isn't that crazy? Right now there are children in East Asia with nothing but the clothes on their back, and here I am with about 500 articles of clothing! (That's seriously not an exaggeration, maybe even an understatement.)
I wear a very expensive ring on my finger. That's the standard in this day and age. I think a men are judged by the size of the diamond they give their bride to be. That's not right. What does buying an expensive diamond mean to God? How does that glorify Him? Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to go pawn my ring and give the money to charity. But seriously, what do I need it for? No piece of jewelry can truly make a person happy. It's what that jewelry symbolizes... and wouldn't just a simple, inexpensive band to the same thing?
I feel selfish and humbled. All this stuff I have... I don't even want most of it. I just want to give it to God. Maybe I'll have a garage sale... I'll use the profits towards my mission trip, and then it will really be contributing to the Kingdom.

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