Goodbye, Louise Lockhart

My great-grandmother died last night. It's been crazy around here. The phone rings non-stop. It kinda puts a different spin on Christmas. She was ready to go. She had Alzheimer's disease and was suffering with a staff infection. I didn't know her that well. She disowned my mother and I years ago. Most of the memories I have of her are not good ones. Actually, after talking with other members of my family, no one seems to have many good memories of her.
I was sad when the nursing home called to say she died. Not really because she was gone, but because I don't know where she is now. As far as I know, she never accepted Christ as her Savior, and she certainly never lived a life that reflected a love for Him. I prayed that God would just allow me to intercede for her to accept him, to take control of her life. 
On a lighter note, I get to see Kyle tomorrow! I'm leaving super early to drive down to Anna. Pray that the roads will be clear and safe and that my car will be running fine.
Merry Christmas, Y'all!

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