Cold Day, Warm Heart

Well things are considerably better today than yesterday. My parents put money in my checking account so I can buy my books now. YAY! That means I'll be all caught up on reading by Sunday. I've realized that my Mass Communication class (one of the ones where the Prof was saying how challenging it would be) is at least going to be interesting and informative. I'm already learning a lot about how much media shape us.
I had a great time out on the quad today with BASIC. I didn't get to stay long because I had to grab some lunch before work.
It's nice to be inside right now. It's warm and toasty. I had a nice hot bowl of chili for lunch, and I feel refreshed. I feel blessed to have a warm spot to lay my head, sufficient funds to buy the things I need, and an opportunity to receive one of the finest educations this nation offers.

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