Spring Break, Part 4

I guess the last exciting thing we did over break was celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  Being one of my favorite holidays, I went all out this year.   Kyle made plans to go out with some guys to The Bleeding Deacon for an Irish dinner, so I had my friend Kim over and made her a traditional Irish dinner for two. We listened to some Irish pub tunes on Pandora and had a great time just being together.

St. Patrick's dinner

I set the table with my two, green Anthro glasses, my (Irish) great-grandma's lace table runner with a piece of scrap green fabric I had in the closet underneath, and added a sweet little pot of shamrocks on top, which are still bringing joy and color to my kitchen.


For dinner I made delicious beef and carrots slow-roasted in Guinness, champ, green bread, and a whiskey mousse pie, which could get you a little tipsy if you're not careful.  Served with your choice of Harp or Guinness, of course!

St. Patrick's dinner

It was a really fun way to spend one of my favorite days of the year.

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