Happy birthday, Watson!

Today, our puppy boy turned 1 year old.  Happy birthday to my favorite little puppy in the whole wide world!

Here are some things about our puppy who is no longer a puppy:

Watson will do just about anything you ask of him for the chance to chase a ball or eat a single piece of kibble.  Just wave one of the above in his face, and you will find yourself in command of a highly obedient pup.  If, however, you don't have one of the above, you might as well forget it.

He is a serious chewer.  He chews anything and everything.  We have to be very selective about the types of toys we give him or else they'll be gone in a flash.


His favorite everyday toy is definitely his green ball, but his favorite toy of all time is still Quacker.  We are now on Quacker #4, and we no longer let him play with it unless he has direct supervision.  He loves to eat the fur and tear it to shreds, so we keep it put away most of the time.

His favorite place to lounge is on the bed in our spare bedroom.  This provides him with a clear view of us in the living room and the opportunity to monitor the hallway for his kitty sister.  He really, really loves to chase his kitty sister.


He always knows when we're about to leave the house.  He lays on the floor next to my vanity and pouts while I do my hair and makeup.  It's just about the most pitiful thing I've ever seen.

Puppy knows.

Every day we give him one or two small carrot sticks to munch on.  They keep him occupied and out of trouble and they are good for his digestion.  Carrots = Winning.


Since the weather turned and the windows have been open, he now sees it his job to sit in the window and bark at watch the alley.  He is protecting our house from intruders and squirrels.  Mostly squirrels.


He loves, loves, loves his daddy and going on walks with his pack (that's us).  Despite his love for walks, he is a terrible walker.  He constantly pulls on the leash.  We've tried multiple collars and harnesses, walking sticks, reading two Dog Whisperer books to work on our "calm, assertive energy" as pack leaders, and puppy training classes.  He is still terrible on the leash.  We now walk him with a Halti.  It helps a lot to prevent him from pulling, but he constantly paws at his face and whimpers, even on hour-long walks.

We just can't believe this crazy little puppy we brought home from a dirty shelter is already a year old.  When we brought him home he was very calm and scared of everything.  Now he is affectionate, happy, and outgoing, and constantly battles to try and run the show.

Sad Face

He may never be the world's most obedient dog, but he is dearly beloved by us and so many others.  Happy birthday, Watson Bass!


Luann Baker said...

Happy Birthday Watson. You are a sweet boy!

Keli B. said...

he is such an adorable dog! happy birthday watson!

Emily said...

Don't you just love your little baby Watson so much?? He is super adorable! And I love that you guys say "pack" that's so cute!!

MJonas_ said...

your blog is so cute!
if you want you will be my follower!:)